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25 rental dwellings for young people

Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes. Mª Rosa Clotet Juan, Joan Llongueras Mestres, y Marta Pla Martí, arquitectos

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This development forms part of the strategic policy of Barcelona City Hall of promoting protected dwellings in the city. That is the objective behind these twenty-five dwellings, built with the clear determination of practising a sustainable architecture that seeks to reduce its energy demands.

This project seeks to oppose the markedly horizontal adjacent composition formalised by continuous windows on a flat façade base that emulates and continues the mapping and colour of the neighbouring façade, with a series of colourful stone openings that hang off the façade plane and correspond to each one of the units of the dwelling. The ground-floor porch appears as an imposition by the planning regulations.

In opposition to the façade giving on to calle Teodor Llorente, marked by its playful character and accommodating the boulevard proposed by the planning byelaws, the façade on to calle Garrotxa appears more closed off and only uses the same language of balcony openings to finish off the meeting point with the neighbouring construction and to complete this public-promotion built block.

The building has been conceived according to sustainable criteria (solar panels, pre-industrialisation of facades, increase in the conventional façade insulation…), uniting the logic of the technique with the rationality of the architectural construction, incorporating design solutions to the project based on common sense and tradition, which help to protect the building thermally and to diminish the impact of climate change.

The creation of a ventilation courtyard in the landings of each floor, plus locating a small opening above the lintel of the doors leading into the dwellings, permits creating a constant airing circuit that ventilates the habitations, crossing the dwellings from the balconies or from the prefab grille, regulated by the doors of a small cupboard attached to the façade and ascending along the ventilation well to the openings of the roof lights. A constant and controlled ventilation that prevents the increase of temperature in the dwelling, even when there is no-one there.

The concrete overhang of the coloured façade volumes provides solar protection. The shape of the cantilever protects from sunlight in summer and allows the sun’s rays into the interior of the dwelling in winter, reducing the demand for energy used in cooling.

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Localización: Calle Teodor Llorente. Barcelona. Autores: Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes. Mª Rosa Clotet Juan, Joan Llongueras Mestres, y Marta Pla Martí, arquitectos. Aparejador: AGP Gestión Integral. Pere Restrepo Guerrero. Colaboradores: Sala Consultors (estructura), Ingenieros Asociados Imetco, Tram J. Hierro Associats (aparejador). Constructora: Dragados. Promotor: Societat Urbanística Metropolitana i Gestió. Regesa. Fotografía: Lluís Casals.
Marta Pla Martí
Joan Llongueras Mestres
Mª Rosa Clotet Juan
Lluis Casals