Multi-family dwellings

Mataró. Barcelona

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Official protection dwellings for young people

Espinet/Ubach Arquitectes. Miquel Espinet i Mestre y Antoni Ubach i Nuet, arquitectos

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A detailed typological study of its programme requirements, as well as the constructional logic of its volumetric layout and its environmental sensitivity, characterise this interesting project for 200 apartments destined for young users.

The approach to this project is based on a reflection on a typological model that, depending on the type of user at which it was aimed (young couples) would propose new forms of living, alternatives to the traditional use of the minimum-sized dwelling, through the construction of 200 residential units with a surface of 40 metres square that, in spite of the controversy it underwent in the past, obeys a series of real needs of a social nature that, especially in the case of dwellings for young people or the elderly, seem to us to be fully justified.

The project has been conceived according to sustainable criteria, uniting the necessary logic of the technique with the quality of the architectural construction, adopting design solutions based on tradition that contribute to the energy protection of the buildings. In this sense the volumetry layout of the blocks appears to be fundamental, as it gives the complex the best conditions of sunlight and vistas towards the sea.

The typological solution for this project results from the study undertaken by the Projects Chair III of the EINA Design School of Barcelona, which dedicated part of its academic programme to the creation of theoretical models through which one might standardise the characteristics of the different programme alternatives and their various forms of use. This gave rise to uses such as single-person, two-person, childless couples or couples with one child, studying the best models to allow living in this small space to meet the minimum requirements of convenience and habitability while applying the national, metropolitan and local technical and habitability norms.

The complexity of the different typological programmes has led to the creation of two different spaces, with similar surfaces and characteristics, interposing between them the central service zone with the bathroom and kitchen. In the access area, and with the goal of increasing the privacy of the habitation behind it, the project proposes to implement two new elements: the first one consists of the creation of a small courtyard in front of the window, protected with a lightweight metallic visor that operates as a lattice and brise-soleil. The second one entails the creation of a large cupboard of installations in the lateral of the access in which to place the washing machine, the gas boiler and the general utilities units, in such a way that the door to the flat is recessed and protected from the general external passageway.

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Localización: Sector Plà d’en Boet, Mataró. Barcelona. Autor: Espinet/Ubach Arquitectes. Miquel Espinet i Mestre y Antoni Ubach i Nuet, arquitectos, y Pedro Ondoño, arquitecto colaborador. Aparejador: Joan March. Estructura: Antoni Massagué. Àrea 5. Instalaciones: RC Enginyers. Promotor: Incasol. Constructor: Ferrovial. Fotografía: Lluís Casals.
Miquel Espinet Mestre
Antoni Ubach i Nuet
Espinet / Ubach Arquitectes i Associats
Lluis Casals