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Swimming pools for Vigo University at the Orense Campus

Francisco José Mangado Beloqui, arquitecto

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Standing in an unstructured environment are two faceted volumes arising cantilevered from a single body. They make a major formal impact and transform this swimming pool complex into the architectural protagonist of its urban surroundings.

The site chosen is at the highest point of the university campus, in a situation that gives special value to the relationship between the city of Orense and the campus, now impeded by the presence of a high-traffic road that divides them. The choice of a leisure programme that might serve both the university community and the inhabitants of Orense has intensified the value of the building in its status as an element of urban relations.

It is this special location for the project that gives rise to the principal conceptual and formal decisions inspired in it. The proposal is drawn up as a large platform looking towards the campus. The entire organisation and layout of uses serves this conception. The users, from this elevated platform containing the swimming pools, will be able to see the campus and its buildings. It is a cantilevered design held up by a powerful base that, besides bridging the existing unevenness, configures the basins and contains all the necessary purification facilities and installations to allow the programme to function. The contrast between this sold plinth, heavy and topographical in nature, with the large cantilevers and glass panes surrounding the public pool level, constitutes one of the basic formal arguments of the project.

Access to the swimming pools via the highest point permits developing the fundamental uses over a single level. The support equipment, changing rooms and hygiene facilities are organised into an L shape. Embracing these are the pool surrounds, which overhang beyond the limits imposed by the structural and functional aspects.

The roof becomes a fundamental piece. Seen from the height of the blocks of flats situated in front of the plot, it becomes the main façade and image of the building. From the interior, as a ceiling for the pools, its geometry seeks to become crucial in the configuration of a space that distances itself from yet projects itself towards the campus.

A vast layer of concrete in the base, plus glass and wood, are the elements used both in the interior and in the exterior.

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Situación: Canella da Costa Vela 25, Orense. Autor: Francisco José Mangado Beloqui, arquitecto. Dirección de obra: Dirección de obra: Francisco José Mangado Beloqui, Gonzalo Alonso Núñez, arquitectos. Colaboradores: José Maria Gastaldo, Enrique Jerez, Manuel Abreu, Edurne Pradera, Isabelle Putseys, Isabel Oyaga, Javier Fuances, arquitectos. Ingeniería estructuras: NB 35. Jesús Jiménez Cañas / Alberto López, ingenieros. Ingeniería instalaciones: Pilar Peco, ingenieros / CODISNA, Joaquín Santesteban. Arquitectos técnicos: José Luis Rodríguez Potugal. Iluminación: ALS Architectural Lighting Solution, Antón Amann. Constructora: Movexvial. Promotor: Universidad de Vigo. Fotografía: Pedro Pegenaute.
Francisco José Mangado Beloquí
Pamplona, Navarra
Pedro Pegenaute