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Guijo de Granadilla. Cáceres

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Technification Centre for Physical-Sports and Leisure Activities in the Natural Medium of the Tajo Basin

José María Sánchez García, arquitecto

FAD Award 2010  Special mention
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The Technification Centre houses a programme for research, training and sports practice connected with nature. Its privileged location, on a peninsula and next to the edge of the Gabriel y Galán reservoir, determines its shape, a great ring raised above the ground, with a seven-metre centreline and two hundred metres in diameter and a steel structure, while a steel façade reflects the colours and the light of the different seasons and times of the day, integrating it into its surroundings.

The project is structured on the basis of a ring-shaped geometry formed from two concentric circles, between which the entire programme diversity of the centre and its facilities is connected. This ring adapts to the limits marked by the non-floodable level of -387 metres. This perfect geometric shape preserves the interior from the whole landscape that needs to be conserved in the peninsula: it is a magic circle that arranges all the action, activities and movement on the exterior; the interior is for rest, observation and reflection.

The ring helps to create a suitable environment, it is as respectful as possible towards the place and avoids visual and physical barriers while integrating into surroundings of high environmental and landscape value as neutrally as possible. The visual differentiation between ring and terrain is produced by a line of shadow below the building, which varies in the course of the day.

The Technification Centre for Physical-Sports and Leisure Activities in the Natural Medium is endowed with the specific facilities for researching new techniques and materials, training professionals from the sector, divulging activities in nature and creating new businesses and training new businesspeople. Among the facilities is the reception, information and distribution centre, the physiological laboratory and nursery of businesses, the documentation and diffusion centre – where the polyvalent dissemination rooms are located, the welcome centre and residence for researchers, the cafeteria, dining room, different test benches distributed by activities, and the storerooms and changing rooms.

The façade is continuous in its entire perimeter. It is a ventilated façade made from prefab steel elements. The finishing sheet metal is a pleated fifty-centimetre piece with a stainless steel finish. The reduced dimension of this piece allows it to adapt perfectly to the curvature of the ring. The openings for ventilation and lighting are in glass with steel frames.

The roof is flat and fully accessible, built as an additional forging based on metallic girders and forging in collaborating sheet metal. It operates as a ring-shaped promenade at a level of 396.65 metres that provides a full view of everything that occurs on the peninsula and its surroundings.

Embalse Gabriel y Galán, término Municipal de Guijo de Granadilla (Cáceres). Centro de Tecnificación de Actividades Físico-Deportivas y de Ocio en el Medio Natural de la Cuenca del Tajo, en el Término Municipal de Guijo de Granadilla (Cáceres).

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Situación: Embalse Gabriel y Galán, término Municipal de Guijo de Granadilla (Cáceres). Autor: José María Sánchez García, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Enrique García-Margallo Solo de Zaldivar, Rafael Fernández Caparros, Maribel Torres Gómez, Laura Rojo Valdivielso, Francisco Sánchez García, José García-Margallo, Marta Cabezón, Mafalda Ambrósio, Carmen Leticia Huerta. Arquitecto técnico: José Luis Periáñez. Pedro Miranda. Fernando Benito Fernández Cabello. Estructura: Gogaite. Instalaciones: ARO consultores. Constructora: UTE Magenta – Construcciones Pinilla. Promotor: Consejería de los Jóvenes y del Deporte – Junta de Extremadura. Fotografía: Roland Halbe. José María Sánchez García.
José María Sánchez García
Roland Halbe
Stuttgart, Alemania