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Figueres. Girona

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Primary school in Figueres

Roldán + Berengué, arqts. José Miguel Roldán Andrade, Mercè Berengué Iglesias

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The use of fragmentation as an architectural resource aimed at providing a response for surroundings created through the disorderly accumulation of buildings is the principal characteristic of this project for a primary school in Figueres.

This project does not seek to become a portrait for characterising the image of an idea that must be understood in an instantaneous and global manner; rather, it resorts to the culture of the country’s popular constructions, such as the farm houses, the masías, and does so by adding pieces that give continuity to the facades or arranging volumes in transversal positions to close up spaces, provide shelter from the wind or produce spaces for intimacy and dominion. The aim, in a complex of geometric obviousness, is ultimately to achieve the complexity of the aggregate models of the masías.

This project, then, for a primary school situated in Figueres (Girona), is not formed from a single building but rather ends up as the aggregate of several buildings whose facades give on to two streets, defining two semi-open, interior spaces: the playground for the older children and the playground for the infants. Here, the classroom block is the principal building and the pavilions are the dining room, gym and the primary school itself.

The use of prefab concrete panels, the colour treatment they have been given and the use of lacquered steel slats to create a solar protection lattice characterise this suite of urban pieces that, like the old masías, seek to revive the main house, the barns, the farmyards, the farming tools store or the stables.

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Situación: Apel•les Mestres / Enriqueta Paler, Figueres . Girona. Autores: Roldán + Berengué, arqts. José Miguel Roldán Andrade, Mercè Berengué Iglesias. Aparejador: PISAN. Ramon Roca. Estructura: Manuel Arguijo. Instalaciones: Lluís Duart. Colaborador: Vicenç Sanz (arquitectura). Constructora: Argón Informática. Promotor: Departament d’Educació, Generalitat de Catalunya / Gestió d’Infraestructures, S.A.U. Fotografía: Jordi L. Puig.
Miguel Roldán Andrade
Mercè Berengué
Roldán + Berengué Arquitectos

Jordi L.Puig