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Los Mondragones. Granada

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Municipal nursery and dining room in Los Mondragones

Elisa Valero Ramos, arquitecta

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This project is characterised by the radical manner in which it embraces the existing architecture, which has a high formal and urban value, in an attempt to “transform without destroying”, an exercise of great plastic beauty.

This intervention is situated in the Ribera del Beiro, to the north of the city of Granada. The presence of a white wall delimiting the old military property of Los Mondragones and crowned by its watchtowers configures a characteristic image of this place. A tall row of poplars, in turn, marks the slightly curving outline of the river, which runs a couple of metres below the road. Now, this huge block with its old pavilions has been transformed into a municipal administrative complex and houses in its east façade this nursery and dining room as complementary facilities.

The most radical decision of the project has been to accept the need to knit itself to the existence and disappear behind the wall, with the challenge of transforming it without destroying it and to seek to create an interior space that is consistent with and suitable to the programme. The façade is cut out to give rise to a set of GRC panels lacquered in different colours and which are separated from the wall to provide a tangential access to the waiting courtyard of the nursery. The use of colour seeks to introduce some degree of vibration into the existing build and to patently reveal the change in character that corresponds to its new use.

The project is arranged into strips: from east to west are the personnel spaces, offices and kitchen, followed by the corridor ending in a courtyard, lavatories and classrooms. The classrooms are characterised by double lighting, tall windows through which the morning sun enters, filtered in summer by the leaves of the trees on the Ribera del Beiro, and a continuous glass enclosure to the west protected by a concrete awning, opening on to a sand-covered garden in which the vegetation is once again the protagonist.

The nursery consists of three modules, for children up to three years old, and complies with the regulations in force that affect his type of facility, especially in the surfaces and characteristics of each one of the required spaces.

The dining room is independently run and has its own entrances, though it follows the same unitary structure of the building. A strip of installations and a centreline of greater size for the dining room, connected to the gardens, allow dining tables to be installed there in the open air during a few months of the year.

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Emplazamiento: Rivera del Beiro. Granada. Autora: Elisa Valero Ramos, arquitecta. Colaboradores: María de los Llanos Martín Romero, arquitecto técnico, Leonardo Tapiz Buzarra, arquitecto cálculo de estructura, Joaquín Peña Toro, licenciado en Bellas Artes, Montse Solano, estudiante de arquitectura. Constructora: Ferconsa. Promotor: Gerencia de Urbanismo y Obras Públicas del Ayuntamiento de Granada. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Elisa Valero Ramos
Fernando Alda Calvo