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Olot. Girona

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Nursery school in Olot

SETarquitectes. Eduard Montané Balagué y Mateu Barba Teixidor, arquitectos

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This nursery school building is located in a recently developed area inside the urban grid of Olot, which is large in dimension and lacking in an architectural structure that, taking advantage of its proximity to the river, will in the near future become a strategic leisure area within the municipality.

The project has been developed with the determination of jointly resolving the different scales available in this spot, as part of the future urban park and with the clear will to gain maximum advantage from the landscape values of the place: the river and its surrounding tree groves, the profile of the nearby mountains and the historic centre.

The position of the building within this future urban park, which is in turn the object of this project, is a response to the determination of approximating it to the nearby urban areas, facilitating connection and maintaining a reasonable distance from the flood levels of the riverbed. In section, the building stands on a depressed platform with regard to the main street, at the level of the old existing path, but without its implantation representing an obstacle to the rest of the visuals from the district.

The ground plan of the building has been divided into three longitudinal strips containing three zones for differentiated uses. The strip that shapes the façade to the river, the widest one, houses the classroom block. The following one is the strip of circulations that connects the entire building. The last strip, next to the access street, houses the server spaces and those not strictly speaking connected with teaching.

The transversal section of the building also corresponds to the idea that drives these three strips laid out underneath the peaked roof. One of the sides of the roof corresponds to the classroom strip, while the other one encompasses the two remaining strips. These two sides are occasionally extended to generate roof lights to principally illuminate the areas that service the classrooms (changing rooms) and the central corridor. One of these extensions adopts a greater volume in order to emphasise the central vestibule it illuminates.

The roof is treated like an extra façade given it is in full view of the upper street. It is a ventilated roof, finished in zinc, that has the objective of aiding the building’s thermal control while generating a sought-after formal and staged expressiveness thanks to the volumetric play of the different roof likes that in turn facilitate crossed ventilation in a natural manner.

The façade panels are formed from a set of prefab “bars” made from reinforced concrete, prepared in the factory and installed serially on site. All the principal installation conduits circulate through an accessible gallery below the sanitary forging and, given their frequency of use as a consequence of the climatic characteristics of this place, the building has been fitted with under-floor heating.

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Emplazamiento: Camí de la Creu, s/n. Olot, Girona. Autores: SETarquitectes. Eduard Montané Balagué y Mateu Barba Teixidor, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Maria Duran Gelabert, Àlex Grávalos Torner, Anna Souto Mendoza, Sandra Lopez-Nuño Laviña, Helena Ballesté Pau, arquitectos SETarquitectes, Meritxell Bosch, Cristina Carrasco, arquitectos técnicos, Jaume Aumatell Colom, arquitecto técnico dirección de ejecución, Eduard Bou (K2 consulting), ingeniero. Estructura: Miquel Lacambra. Promotor: Ajuntament Olot. Supervisión ayuntamiento: Mercè Serrat y Eulàlia Mata. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons.
Set Arquitectos

Eduard Montané Balagué
Mateu Barba Teixidor
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona