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Headquarters of Arquia Caja de Arquitectos

NO.MAD Arquitectos. Eduardo Arroyo, arquitecto

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The interior architecture of these banking offices has used innovative glass tubes whose cylindrical shape transmits a slightly distorted light in order to nuance the privacy required in this type of office.

A bank branch has been created in premises with a ground floor and a basement floor, with the vocation of clearly separating the area for attending to the public from the private working and security zones. The existing geometry, structure, heights and lighting in both floors have been decisive when it came to locating the uses and the connection between the two levels.

The idea was to generate an atmosphere of apparent banking transparency, giving a glimpse of the doubts and distortions produced in the user through the construction of a glass skin that clearly separates the public from the work zones, cancelling out the concept of the landscape office and the supposed proximity to the client. This diaphragm is created with borosilicate tubes whose curved perimeter provides a volume that generates privacy while maintaining a luminous transparency. This skin begins and ends at the street entrance and accompanies the public at all times, separating it from the workers while allowing glimpses of their activity. The geometry is born, on one hand, of the will to make the existing pillar structure disappear from the view of the visitor while causing a feeling of lightness and, on the other, dividing the space into two well-differentiated programmed zones between the public patio of operations and the different private offices. In this way, the court becomes a magical place with areas for sitting, waiting, obtaining information or consulting books in a bright and luminous atmosphere.

The colour black defines the public space in which there is no feature or installation to distract from its essential nature. Grey defines the work areas, which in turn house the lighting and other conditioning systems, sharply marking the differentiation between those who have money and those who store it. Perforating the dividing skin and joining up the spatial areas are the access to the staircase and the openings for the tellers, the only places with a direct view of “the other side”.

In the basement floor are the facilities, archive and meeting room, which is configured as an elegant, startling and landscape-like element. This room has four sectors, two of them with plants and natural light on a double height, and two further ones with lower ceilings and identical dimensions to the previous ones that connect with the access to the upper floor and the bar-kitchen. This Swastika-shaped geometry is used to create the ceiling-lamp above the meeting room, illuminating and striping the papers that are signed and collated underneath it.

On the outside, the façade gives nothing away to the passer-by except the access through a black, apparently opaque door flanked by two mini-forests of bamboo that have their roots in the lower floor, imposing an atmosphere of discovery, surprise and mystery on the visitor. This produces an urban sensation that leads the passer-by’s gaze directly towards the landscape of vegetation and glass without confirming what type of premises they are.

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Localización: Bilbao. Autor: NO.MAD Arquitectos. Eduardo Arroyo, arquitecto. Colaboradores: David Rodríguez, arquitecto, Luis Arroyo, arquitecto interiores, Margarita Martínez, arquitecto, Alfonso Navarrete, estudiante, José López, estudiante, José Miguel Ortega, arquitecto técnico, Igor Ortega, arquitecto técnico. Estructura: Alfonso Robles, arquitecto. Constructora: Ondarra. Fotografía: Miguel de Guzmán.
Eduardo Arroyo
Nomad Arquitectos
Miguel De Guzmán