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CP House. Reform of a mezzanine

BAAS, Jordi Badia, arquitecto, y Marcos Catalán, interiorista

FAD Award 2010  Interior design opinion
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The refurbishment of an existing dwelling allows the author to succeed with a new layout, generating proportioned and welcoming spaces in a warm ambience provided by the Nordic furniture.

This is the refurbishment project for an existing dwelling endowed with a level of interior architecture capable of originating spaces of notable warmth through the use of light-coloured wood panelling in floors and ceilings as a formula through which to modify the perception of the light through making it rebound and reflect. In fact, the Nordic-inspired project is built from only two materials and textures, maple wood and the colour white. In this way the architect makes the intervention give centre stage back to its residents, the furniture and their possessions, which will grow over time. In some spots, the doors or wooden panelling on the walls link up with the floor and the wooden ceiling cladding, thus enveloping the interior in an affectionate and protective gesture.

A new layout has been created as part of the intervention, with the objective of establishing a dividing line between the public and the private. The construction of this interior façade has led to the installation of a series of slats that, through a very simple mechanism, allow the dining room to be incorporated into the living room or to segregate it according to need.

This is a return to the roots of decorating the domestic space, which renounces the use of the floor plan and layout to give centre state to the quality of the material, to colour and to natural light, which builds a space that has no formal pretensions and wants to be a mere backdrop –rather than the figure- in the everyday life of the family and which allows the users to interact and make it theirs through the gradual incorporation of the objects that ultimately constitute the soul of a home.

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Situación: Barcelona. Autores: BAAS, Jordi Badia, arquitecto, y Marcos Catalán, interiorista. Colaboradores: Eva Damià, Mariona Guàrdia. Cálculo estructural: Eduard Doce, arquitecto. Instalaciones: Consulting Lluís Duart. Constructor: Complapar. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons.
Jordi Badía
BAAS Arquitectes
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona