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Colección Armadura

Rafael Moneo y Moneo Brock Studio

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Collection composed of three receptacles for the Premium products of the firm Joselito. The pieces are made from a lacquered wooden structure and Perspex that like armour protects these articles while allowing a view of the interior. In addition, a translucent veil serves as the packaging for the ham, illuminated by a row of cutting-edge LEDs. When the ham is taken out,
it is reinvented into a Nordic-style floor lamp that is easy to move around and transport.
The second case presents the select pieces from the brand inside black armour in translucent Perspex that gives a glimpse through its ribs of the passionate Joselito red that characterises the brand. When empty, the structure can be hung from the wall, transformed into a contemporary CD-storage unit.
The last piece is reserved for the Tasting Selection, which includes the traditional fine-cut slices of Joselito Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder. It has been executed with opaque red matt Perspex ribbing that conceals inside it a black velvet nest acting as a receptacle. When empty it is reinvented as a jewel case or small coffer.

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Diseño / Design Rafael Moneo y Moneo Brock Studio Para / for Joselito Premium 2010
Rafael Moneo
Moneo Brock Studio