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La Garriga primary healthcare centre, La Garriga, Barcelona

Roldán + Berengué, arquitectos. José Miguel Roldán y Mercè Berengué, arquitectos

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This healthcare centre that, in typological terms could be seen as being large in format, makes an interesting architectural proposal in its section that allows it to defy the difficult topographical conditions of the plot and to propose a suitable solution to the conditions of the urban landscape that surrounds it.

In typological terms, the Primary Healthcare Centre of La Garriga, in Barcelona, can be viewed as an untypical project as a consequence of its topographical conditions, the extensive dimensions of the plot and the fact that it stands on one of the corners of a public space.

The building, which in fact has five storeys in its highest part, nevertheless looks like a two-storey building from the perspective of calle Sant Francesc and as a single-storey building, with a backdrop of two storeys and roof, from the neighbouring park. This play of false appearances, which allows the different scales of the project to be strategically situated, is achieved through the decision of growing the building upwards and downwards by using a system of patios that places the greater part of the surface space (60%) below ground to house the corresponding functional programme. The intermediate plane that connects and divides the two parts of the building is the platform paved in yellow-coloured terrazzo situated at street level.

The complex geometry and altimetry of the plot's location, both in the ground plan and in the section, has been resolved in the project by giving the value of colour to this intermediate platform, as if it were a new floor at ground level. On this platform is the façade, which is perceived from the waiting areas of the healthcare centre and on which are situated not only the body of the consulting rooms but also the installations, the chimney stacks and the roof lights.

The building has been austerely resolved with regard to the use of materials and colours: the light greys of the concrete, the steel of the grilles-lattices and the white and yellow of the interior spaces.

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Emplazamiento: La Garriga, Barcelona. Autor: Roldán + Berengué, arquitectos. José Miguel Roldán y Mercè Berengué, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Vicenç Sanz, Isis Campos, Irma Arribas, Núria Monfort , arquitectos. Cálculo estructural: Bernuz-Fernández Arquitectes. Arquitecto técnico: Jaume Casas (Rossell-Giner i Ass.). Instalaciones: Einesa Ingeniería. Constructora: Rogasa. Promotor: Servei Català de la Salut / Gestió d’Infraestructures. Fotografía: Jordi Surroca.
Jordi Surroca