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A Merca, Ourense

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Health Centre in en A Merca

Estudio Arquitectura ACXT en Galicia. Jesús Llamazares Castro (proyecto y dirección de obra) y Fco. Javier Rodriguez (proyecto)

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This Health Centre project has the specific objective of extolling the elements found in the surrounding landscape, favouring visual permeability and recovering the idea of architecture as the construction process of a functional programme in a specific place and time.

The project for the A Merca health centre is the response to the specific conditions imposed by a medium-scale healthcare programme on a triangular site in a rough terrain but with magnificent vistas of the nearby forest and the distant mountains.

The building occupies the widest area on the site, near the pine and oak forest and adopts the manner in which much of the popular architecture is implanted, creating rich intermediate transition spaces with the surroundings. The access sequence from the pine tree left in its place on a vertex of the site acquires an almost ceremonial character, descending along a gentle ramp resting against low stone walls and olive trees, announcing the connection of the building with this spot. The sense of each room is associated with differentiated volumes on the floor plan and section.

The building stands on this place in a natural way as a consequence of the proposed section and the treatment of the light. The light qualifies the character of the rooms, the optimal operation of the sanitary programme and its necessary connection with the surroundings, looking to intensify the experience and trusting in the health-giving ability of nature.

From the consultation spaces, the physician enjoys a garden filled with flowers, lavender and olive trees that subtly infiltrates his desk. The patients' waiting time is animated by the presence of the forest and the sky reflected in the sheet of water lying flush with the ground of the external perimeter.

The interior space is treated like the back and front of a leaf. The meeting point between physician and patient is illuminated through a roof light that gives a glimpse of the sky and the nearby treetops. The aim was to highlight the stones, the tree, the water, understood as symbols of a place underpinned by the nostalgia for a garden.

The building's structural plan, which covers a single floor, is of load bearing walls in exposed reinforced concrete and an interior structure with a metallic frame based on tubular steel profiles. The flat inverted roof is covered in reinforced concrete slabs situated on different levels.

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Situación: A Merca, Ourense. Autor: Estudio Arquitectura ACXT en Galicia. Jesús Llamazares Castro (proyecto y dirección de obra) y Fco. Javier Rodriguez (proyecto). Dirección obra: Jesús Llamazares Castro; José A. Rodríguez Souto. Aparejador: Jose A. Rodríguez Souto (proyecto y dirección de obra). Estructura: Juan Rey Rey. Colaboradores: Rafael Fortes Abreu (arquitectura), Ingrid Valero Geli (paisajismo), Daniel Dapena (presupuesto). Instalaciones: Miguel Angel Ces Pérez. Constructora: Construcciones Orega (Delfín Ferreiro, Jose Ramón Barandela). Promotor: SERGAS Conselleria de Sanidade e Servicios Sociais – Xunta de Galicia. Fotografía: Leopoldo Alonso Alberti. Jesús Llamazares Castro.
SE1 3QB Londres, Reino Unido
Leopoldo Alonso