Tortosa. Tarragona

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Urbanisation of the Plaza del Ábside of Tortosa

[ARQUITECTURIA] Olga Felip y Josep Camps, arquitectos

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The common sense, sensitivity, capacity to adapt to the topography and the evident “calligraphic” restraint suffice to define this project on Plaza del Abside, in Tortosa, as a key piece to achieve the structural equilibrium of the city's public space.

The intervention on the Plaza del Ábside of Tortosa Cathedral, in the province of Tarragona, required an attentive study to recover certain characteristic urban traits that over time and through a succession of various and unsuccessful interventions had lead to them being neglected.

The topographic transition between the Castillo de la Zuda and the river Ebro occurs in the domain of the Cathedral as well as in the public spaces that surround it. The square thus becomes a transition point in the topography, articulating both the quotidian nature of its urban condition and the territorial monumentality and representativeness of the Castle and Cathedral of Tortosa.

One of the principal premises of the project was to recover the original level of the Cathedral base, thus situating the Plaza del Ábside at its original level and thus allowing its entire perimeter to be read in terms of urban landscape.

Unions, joins and lighting respond to the Cathedral's geometry, one of whose characteristics is that it has a double deambulatory. Pieces of concrete made from the local aggregate shape the entire floor surface, thus giving the urban enclosure of the square the same hue as the cathedral complex.

A curvilinear geometric series of steps become a platform on which to sit, contemplate or ascend. The square thus becomes a vantage point, a basis for activities as well as a secluded space that embraces the apse, giving back its dignity to a part of the district through which people merely used to pass in different directions.

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Situación: Tortosa. Tarragona. Autor: [ARQUITECTURIA] Olga Felip y Josep Camps, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Mariel•la Agudo, Aitor Horta, Jaume Farrés. Cliente: Ajuntament de Tortosa. Contratista: BECSA. Aparejador: INVALL (fase de proyecto) CBA (dirección de obra). Promotor: Gumtsa. Ingeniero estructural: GMK Associats. Ingeniero de instalaciones: INVALL. Arqueólogo: ATICS. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons.
Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis

Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona