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Castelldefels. Barcelona

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Monill Pharmacy and Store

Manuel Bailo Esteve y Rosa Rull Bertrán, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2011  Interior design
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The superposition of commercial typologies together with the different ways of introducing design into its framework mechanisms, is the principal characteristic of this brilliant exercise in interior architecture.
The Monill Pharmacy explores the possible levels of coexistence of two attached commercial establishments, with each one operating according to its own logic and following different commercial imaginaries and strategies. The project unites these two worlds in order to enhance them, both in isolation and in their union. This is ultimately the conjunction of two commercial typologies in a single container, one of them controlled, the pharmacy itself, and the other a self-service, the "parapharmacy".
In the “parapharmacy” it is the clients themselves who choose the desired products. This is the self-service space that stands on the floor of the premises. It follows a similar logic to that of the Swedish IKEA chain, where the products are found in a store space where the client manages the purchase. This is why the shelving disappears, replaced by a series of stacked boxes in different types of wood (OSB, chipboard, MDF) , where the products are grouped togetherto cover the different consumer targets.
In contrast, the pharmacy belongs to the world of robotics, a sterilised atmosphere where things are brilliant and precise. The products are stored within a volume managed only by a "robot" whose work can be seen through the glass enclosures. Once a product is requested, it is the "robot" that collects it and places it on the moving belts situated at the higher levels of the establishment, from where it is carried to the different counters. In order to easily recognise the route, the system has been painted in red, while mirrors hanging from the ceiling allow a view of the process.
In order to make the most of the light and to emphasise the "tubular" character of the establishment, the space has been painted in such a way as to establish a transition from the colour white to black.

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Autores: Manuel Bailo Esteve y Rosa Rull Bertrán, arquitectos (BAILO RULL+ADD). Colaboradores: Albert Marín, Javier Jiménez, Luis A. Casanovas, Montse Girbau. Fotografía: Albert Marín.
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull