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La Roca del Vallès. Barcelona

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FastShoe Munich, Shopping Centre of La Roca Village

Manuel Bailo Esteve, Rosa Rull Bertran y Javier Jiménez Iniesta, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2011  Interior design
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Irony and humour become the protagonists of this work of interior architecture that, through the use of a limited number of arguments, transform a shopping experience into something more like our dream memories.

A child's fresh and unprejudiced view is manifested in the new space that the Munich shoe brand has set up in the shopping centre of La Roca Village. A project that from the start has worked with the imaginary that surrounds the question "how do things work"? that is so often in the mind of a child.

The design of the commercial space plays with the idea of transferring the factory of the Munich brand from the municipality of Capellades to that of La Roca del Vallès, generating the illusion in the client that, behind the eight-metre wall, a team of 21st-century shoemakers are producing the Munich shoes in a precise and sophisticated assembly chain at exactly that time. The shopping experience thus becomes something more exciting than mere consumer satisfaction: purchasing a pair of Munich shoes means turning children's memories into a privilege for a moment.

The spectacular display of the conveyor roller belts along the space in impossible curves and crossings, the walls that multiply the shop to infinite distances, the constant traffic of shoeboxes going up and down the storeroom, the light beacons marking the frenzied rhythm and the sensation of speed; all these accompany us on our shopping experience.

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Autores: Manuel Bailo Esteve, Rosa Rull Bertrán y Javier Jiménez Iniesta, arquitectos (BAILO RULL+ADD). Colaboradores: Lluis Alexandre, Albert Marín, Montse Girbau. Fotografía: Pol Viladoms.
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull