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Architectural practice in Toledo

José María García Crespo y Carlos González Cuenca, arquitectos (DESPACHO COUPE)

FAD Awards finalist 2011  Interior design
Description Technical file

This lucid, minimalist intervention on these small premises in the historic centre of Toledo takes to the extreme the demonstration that, in the majority of situations, a well-resolved section, clear and forceful, is sufficient to quality and categorise an architectural space.

The intervention took place on these small premises in the historic centre of Toledo, raised one metre above a tiny square and linked to it via a set of steps that in the past was a carpenter's workshop. The opening of the premises on to the square through a great glass door allows it to integrate into the city's urban grid, while the floor of the premises remains at the level of the passerby's eyes.

The solution adopted combines in a single gesture the storage furniture, the desks, the technical floor and the installations through a single material and its modular section, though at the start the needs could be reduced to a desk and a shelf, though the larger these were the better.

“The unit” is finally the result of a section that allows the user to work, without differentiations or hierarchies. It could have any dimension and in the end is as large as the space in which it stands permits. This unit has its own floor as well as all the necessary installations for its use.

The work surface is continuous, in this case seven metres in length and opposite to it is the storage area with two differentiated depths in order to be able to respond to all demanded sizes. This shelf and cupboard create a new work surface that, by opening the doors, provides the necessary electrical sockets and can be used both if more staff joins in future and when searching for privacy.

The material chosen resolves the requirements of all of the system's elements, including the technical floor. It transmits the filtered light without direct reflection and absorption of the light, creating a very pleasant atmosphere thanks to the absence of shadows thrown by objects. The satin Perspex insinuates the surroundings through its graded transparency while providing a very pleasant touch and temperature while permitting the possibility of backlighting through LED technology.

The fact that all the office material, computers, printers, telephones, faxes, files and library are concealed in the storage area, as are the installations, sockets and switches, together with the cantilevered desk, creates a space free of cables and secondary elements, easy to clean and maintain yet with high representative value. The doors open on hinges without bosses and via push-opening mechanisms, thus dispensing with door handles.

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Situación: Plaza San Ginés, Toledo. Autores: José María García Crespo, Carlos González Cuenca (Despacho COUPE). Construcción: autoconstrucción y montaje. Fotógrafo: Miguel de Guzmán.
Miguel De Guzmán