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The “Water Park” and the development of a new housing estate in “Les Hortes de Vilabertrán”

Michele Orliac y Miquel Batlle, arquitectos paisajistas

FAD Award 2011  City and landscape
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The intervention on the landscape, understood as an opportunity to link up the peculiarities of a territory in an environment dominated by humidity and strong winds, characterises this suggestive contribution where a multiplicity of interesting “micro-spaces” defines the whole.

The project consists of adapting the urban development plan, distorting it so as not to lose building space on the surface available for green spaces, thus trapping the most significant existing outlines in the surroundings, and with them the atmosphere of this place.

Two kinds of logic are superposed in the proposal:
- The logic of a road network: clear, connected to the surrounding urban fabric, with a rational layout of the buildings.
- The logic of the old farming activities, which has left numerous traces on the landscape. This appears in a more random, "organic" way, but in reality it is the expression of a wise understanding of the medium and its conditioning factors, such as managing the water, the wind...

These two kinds of logic are juxtaposed, confronted and reciprocally enhanced, supported by their differences and contrasts. The equilibrium between the memory of the old farming activities and the new urban growth safeguards as much as possible of the richness of this place and of its high environmental and landscape value.

The project proposes the minimum indispensable intervention to adapt the place to its new use, a park open to the public.

The new intervention represents the advent of a new stratum superposed on the existing one and that, in order to avoid supplanting the existence, had to be perfectly distinguishable and highly legible. The use of a single family of shapes and materials leads to achieving the desired spatial unity: the metallic panels and sheet piles, specifically adapted for sinking into sandy, muddy terrain, resolve all situations and configure all the elements depending on how they are installed: vertically, they form retaining walls and lampposts; horizontally, they build paths, raised walkways, benches and channels and, finally, , folded, they sketch out the fountains, benches and handrails.

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Situación: Av. Costa Brava, Figueres. Girona. Autores: mICHELE&mIQUEL, Michèle Orliac y Miquel Batlle arquitectos y paisajistas. Colaboradores: Dmitry Khomyakov, Eleonora Barone. Estructura: BOMA Urbanización e instalaciones: Enigest S.L., Jordi Quera, Esteve Riba. Vegetación y riego: Juanjo Martínez. Promotor: Institut Català del Sòl. Constructor: UTE Xavier Alsina – Cnes. Dtes. Marco. Fotografías: Lourdes Jansana.
Batlle, Miquel y Orliac, Michele
Lourdes Jansana