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Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona

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Esteve Paluzie public library

Mora-Sanvisens y Jose Emilio Hernandez-Cros, arquitectos.

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The geometry of the location and its urban position in the environment of an open public-use space condition the volumetry of this building designed for use as a public library, transforming it into a solid volume in which different gaps have been cut and whose intelligent strategy characterises the project.

The building is situated in the north part of Plaza de la Constitución at the crossroads with Avenida del Dr. Moragues and slightly shifted to one side to suggest and connect a passage to Calles Estoril and Nápoles on the other side of the future Interpolar. The building itself, structured into three floors that shift from the underground floor to the first floor, creates a great cantilever in the connection area between both districts. A large part of the library is going to be situated underground in order to make the most of the surface of the square, minimising the volumetric impact on the current surrounding constructions.

This underground floor of the library is ventilated and illuminated by a courtyard with fully glazed walls covered with a slatted pergola that filters the sunlight. This inner courtyard produces a fissure along the entire length of the building, which is moreover quite closed off in its perimeter facades.

The whole of the library's ground floor is organised in a way that makes it accessible and permeable to passers-by. At one end is the bar-cafeteria and the exhibition hall, connected to the library but fitted out so that it can be used fully independently from the library. The rest of the ground floor holds the main access opening on to the square, with the information and reference spaces, the general area of the library's collection, spaces for music and image and computer consultations. The underground floor holds the rest of the library's collection, supporting spaces, study space, multimedia space and storage, depot and installations. On the first floor are the children's area and internal work zone. The children's area is connected to the garden courtyard via a covered porch.

The structure is concrete, as are the walls and load bearing pillars, while the façade is ventilated and clad in granite slabs.

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Arquitecto: UTE Mora-Sanvisens, Arquitectes Associats. José Emilio Hernández Cros, Arquitecte. Aparejador: Albert Lacasa (Q Estudi). Estructura: A.Sala i R.Brufau. Instalaciones: IMETCO. Ahmed Metwally. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Barberà del Vallès. Constructor: COPCISA. Fotógrafo: Lluis Casas.
Mora-Sanvisens Arquitectes
Lluis Casals