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Municipal Auditorium of Teulada

Patxi Mangado, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Architecture
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The topographic characteristics, together with the unevenness of the site and its condition as an exceptional vantage point situated between the sea and the mountain, have here become active and defining elements in a brilliant final solution.

Teulada-Moraira is a non-typical urban nucleus. Divided into two physical units differentiated by distance, it is nevertheless a single administrative unit. Located in Alicante, in a valley that descends from the mountain to the sea, the location renounces neither its land-based condition nor its maritime status.

The plot occupied by the new Auditorium of Teulada-Moraira is physically located in the first nucleus, the higher one, of Teulada, forming part of a new urban development that places it at the highest point of the city. From here, through a valley dotted with small white constructions, one catches a view of Moraira next to the sea.

This is thus a building that, owing to its unique topographic situation, will be seen from both towns and to some extent will act as a symbol for an urban unit that, while not sustained by physical continuity, is still brought together by a set of territorial, landscape and cultural intensities.

It was proposed as a principle that auditoria should adapt to the natural topography of the terrain, which descends in a south-west direction, liberating in their northeast and southeast perimeters the principal access spaces. These are organised and oriented to actively seek out the views of Moraira and the sea and in their shape and nature sum up the condition that the building acquires as a base for “territorial articulation”. Especially significant are the lateral vestibules of the principal auditorium, which turn into great vantage points over the distance and the sea. Their configuration and construction follows the guidelines of a large façade-space, deep, geometric and painstakingly sculpted as if it were a diamond, all done according to the inclinations of the different solar positions in order to prevent the sunlight striking it directly, given that in the Mediterranean and with this orientation, this can be highly uncomfortable. It can be said that this lateral façade formally sums up all the intensities deployed in the project. Its thickness, like finely set pieces, holds the cafeteria and the restaurant and, on a lower level, an exhibition area, all of them with views over the Mediterranean. The floor of this “great opening”, as with the ceiling, folds like a metaphor of a rocky beach that in the distance blends with the real sea. At night this great façade will turn into a stage curtain, the illuminated lighthouse visible from the paths that link up Teulada with Moraira.

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Patxi Mangado, arquitecto
Patxi Mangado & Dhemen

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