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Ascó. Tarragona

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Visitor centre in Ascó

Josep Camps y Olga Felip, arquitectos

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This building intended for a visitor centre at the Ascó nuclear plant explains and frames a highly fragile activity that is difficult to accommodate in the natural environment, all while breathing serenity in a gesture of complicity with a landscape that still appears to be rich in olive and almond groves.

Josep Camps and Olga Felip, the authors of the Ascó visitor centre, were in all probability aware of the difficulty inherent to building a friendly and representative building that would provide information and views of a nuclear plant, with its architecture shaped by rigid protocols and the difficulty of accommodating it in its natural medium.

This facility, situated on a visual axis that goes from the town of Ascó to the nuclear plant, between the river Ebro and a rolling topography, consists of a large and irregular black box clad in fretted and perforated sheet steel.

The typology of the ground plan is based on an orthogonal geometry that defines a square from which two portions of organic limits have been taken. The façade that gives on to Ascó has been gashed by a smooth and generous notch clad in vertical sheets of white-coloured translucent polycarbonate that includes the entrance door while making a strong contrast with the black colour of the whole. The opposite façade displays another notch with a greater bend radius, framing a top window that frames the plant's reactors and the cooling tower.

Inside the great black volume, a simple museographic intervention includes an interactive show that brings to the public the world of energy and the plant's operation with the purpose of leading our thoughts towards the search for energy awareness and responsible consumption. This interior space also houses the facilities and polyvalent rooms for courses, talks or temporary exhibitions.

Abstraction and specificity are interlinked in this building with the objective of receiving and framing. Two huge vertical windows, one of them fitted with a splendid balcony giving on to the river and the surrounding fields, constitute the two counterpoints to a lineal façade composition while taking centre stage in the relationship between place, industry and landscape.

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Situación: Ascó, Tarragona. Promotor: ANACNV. Autores: Josep Camps + Olga Felip. Colaboradores: M. Agudo, A. Horta, I. Solà, J. Farrés, A. Serrats. Aparejador: PROINTEC. Instalaciones: PROINTEC. Estructura: GMKgrup. Constructor: TCSA. Fotógrafo: Pedro Pegenaute.
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Ingeniería cultural: Aspetera
Fachada: Acieroid
Estructura: Naumetal
Instalaciones baja tensión: Anja
Instalaciones clima: Eselfri

Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis
Pedro Pegenaute