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Hotel Acta Mimic

Xavier Claramunt, arquitecto

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Hotel Arc del Teatre, in Barcelona. Xavier Claramunt, architect.
Xavier Claramunt and his team, in this building situated in Barcelona’s Raval district, seek to achieve the “ever more difficult” by playing with the imperative of restraint and economy of resources, ultimately presenting a hotel of provocative and exhibitionistic characteristics in an intelligent dialogue with its fragile urban environment.
An initial option in the project led to the decision to maintain a historic façade, despite the fact that it had not previously been listed, by inserting the new construction between it and the party walls of the neighbouring constructions, while the new building treats the volume of the rooms as if it were a shelving unit by using light wells, a resource adopted in accordance with the typologies that are typical of the neighbouring and compact old district of the city, with the intention of adding a scenographic factor and certain dramatic touch to the relationship that occurs between the buried part of the building and the rest.
These decisions are inherent to the project but also to an elaborate strategy that allows us to remember the building that was once here, together with the delicate working in of the municipal byelaws in order to succeed in recessing the building on the ground floor to form a porch and open up an inner courtyard giving on to the tremendously dense urban grid in this area. This work with the byelaws ultimately allowed the rooms to be located on the ground floor, while privacy was achieved through peculiar grouping systems, fairly radical light inlets and the splitting up of the floors.
The great fabric that covers the facades means that both from inside the rooms and from the street the building’s appearance varies throughout the day as the interior and exterior light conditions change, facilitating its integration into the architectural variety displayed by the adjacent buildings. The restraint induced by the economy of resources that was aimed for in the construction of this building adopts varied aspects thanks to this great fabric or curtain, which is set to change according to the season and filters the natural daylight in a different way from the artificial night-time light.
The building’s public areas, situated below street level, are treated in a heterogeneous manner that seeks to generate nooks and crannies and small differentiated spaces, offering a variety of shapes, colours and furniture in a quest to represent the dynamics of a street that is outside our direct vision. On the contrary, the rooms are treated with great restraint in order to allow them to adapt to the decisions of the occupants. From inside the room, a direct visual relationship is established with the street via the shower area, which is placed against the façade, protected by the great curtain that, aided with some vinyl adhesives, filters the view from the street.

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Promotor/propietario: Inversions Riera Sant Miquel S.L. Autores: Equip XCL, Xavier Claramunt, Martin Ezquerro, Pau Rodríguez, Marc Zaballa. Colaboradores: Yago Haro, Miquel de Mas, Joan Cuevas, Javier Luri, Ho-Sang, Anne-Sophie de Vargas, Oliver Schmidt, Carmen Barberà, Vicky Pons, Adam Mendoza, Sandra Yubero, Alex Ortiz, Hilda Compte, Oriol Bordes, Anna Ramos. Project manager: TAG a+m, Jordi Mañas. Aparejador: Joel Vives. Ingeniería: Aribau 70 S.L. Constructor: Cycons. Fotógrafo: Adrià Goula.
Xavier Claramunt
Equip Xavier Claramunt

Adrià Goula