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Hotel Alma

Luis Tena Núñez, Javier Zulategui Eraso y Laura Menéndez Jiménez, arquitectos

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This hotel, situated in exceptional surroundings and with magnificent vistas of the city of Pamplona, is a new build in an interesting exercise of topographical and architectural adaptation in which respect for the landscape acquires a leading role.
Beloso Bajo forms part of a meander in the river Arga situated to the east of the city of Pamplona. There are two differentiated zones in its topography: a flat one nearest the river occupying the greater part of the plot surface and another one that gently slopes down to the edge to form the Beloso slope, the union of Pamplona with the municipalities of Burlada and Villaba.
The new Hotel Alma is situated in this unique, discreet location in a lying position next to the slope, in the vicinity of the urban centre and of the city’s main ring road. A natural environment with the vegetation usually found in a riverside: elms, poplars and black poplars and natural shrub species, together with the views of Pamplona’s historic centre, making it attractive and exceptional. The visual and acoustic impact of the adjacent road is absorbed by the filter of vegetation on the slop, which has been planted and maintained for this purpose.
The hotel’s ground plan is a C shape with unequal sides holding the programme of the rooms. The building looks inwards, preventing a direct view from the adjacent plot and the road access at the top, thus favouring privacy by making it open on to the nearby natural surroundings.
The project sought a clear and compact implantation for the building in order to restore to some degree the original undulating topographical outline whose volumetric crest has served as a model. The entrance and reception are on a lateral running parallel to the upper level of the plot on the building’s intermediate level. Above it are two floors of rooms of different types. A further two levels below the intermediate one hold the lounges, dining rooms and complementary facilities.
The construction of the building is a reinforced concrete structure and the external skin follows the idea of creating a contrast between the two faces of the building: inward-opening and intentional closing off of the exterior. Continuous walls clad in dark zinc panels with small strategic openings in the roof and metallic cantilevers painted in a light shade, underlining the large horizontal openings in the facades giving on to the inner garden.

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Situación: Pamplona Promotor / Propietario: ALMA Hotels Contratista: VDR Autores: Tena Zulategui arquitectos. Luis Tena Núñez, Javier Zulategui Eraso, Laura Menéndez Jiménez Project Management: LKS, Iñaki Díez Aparejador: Juan Ignacio Iriarte Baigorri Ingeniero: AM Ingenieros Fotografía: José Cutillas
José Manuel Cutillas
Pamplona, Navarra