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Lalín, Pontevedra

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Lalín Council

Luis M. Mansilla y Emilio Tuñón Álvarez, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Architecture
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While the present is being built, the past and the future adopt new shapes. Each instant, each new action, makes visible a review of what is already made and also gives a new outline to that which is still to be made, uninterruptedly modifying both the collective memory and the projects for the future.
In this changing scenario, with a past and future under constant construction, probability becomes the only possible appearance of certainty, the only face that allows it to look out on to reality.
At the heart of this transformation, architecture focuses its gaze more widely, considering the definition of the space as only a small part of the task to which it is called: the construction of artificial environments, of the atmosphere in which the actions of men take place.
The Lalín Council thus wavers between precision and probability, building an anti-monumental structure in which, like in the clouds, everyone can guess the changing shapes of personal references in such a way that collective identification occurs through the diversity of individual interpretation: a technological fort, coloured clouds, a civic palimpsest, a textile print, etc.
An open structure is thus proposed, almost a mathematical field that, establishing a system for a local behavioural pattern impacts on the dialogue with the surroundings as opposed to indifferent autism, choosing the DISPERSED over the compact, the transparent over the opaque and the diffuse over the limited: ultimately a de-ranked architectural and social structure.

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Localización: Lalín (Pontevedra) Arquitectos: Emilio Tuñón y Luis M. Mansilla Cliente: Concello de Lalín Colaboradores concurso: Andrés Regueiro, Luis Díaz-Mauriño, Carlos Martínez de Albornoz, Anna Partenheimer, María Langarita, Asa Nakano Colaboradores proyecto: Andrés Regueiro, Matilde Peralta, María Langarita, Ana del Arenal, Asa Nakano, Bárbara Silva Arquitecto técnico: Sancho Páramo Estructuras: Alfonso Gómez Gaite Instalaciones: Quicler-López Ingenieros Maquetistas: HCH Models Dirección de obra: Emilio Tuñon y Luis M. Mansilla Dirección de ejecución: Sancho Páramo Colaboradores obra: Andrés Regueiro, Sara Murado, Carlos Brage, Briony Roberts, Rubén Arend, Nuria Martínez Salas, Coco Castillón, Elke Gmyrek, Carlos Cerezo, Alfonso Gómez Gaite (estructuras), Quicler-López Ingenieros (instalaciones) Constructora: FCC Construcción Fotografía: Luis Asín
Emilio Tuñón
Luis M. Mansilla
Luís Asín