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Cambrils (Tarragona)

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La Bòbila School

BAAS. Jordi Badia y Victòria Llinares

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Architecture
Description Technical file

The building’s volumetry is conditioned by the determination to reduce floor plan occupation to a minimum and thus reduce and economise on deep foundations. The result is a compact building with a small footprint. This conditions the location of the gym integrated into the school volume on the first floor, with direct access from the sports pitches, taking advantage of a natural unevenness on the ground that minimises the slope of the access ramp.
The volumetry takes into account the good orientation and stands on the south side of the plot to avoid projecting shadows on the sports pitch and the courtyard. The building is separated from the limit to generate a courtyard for “nursery” separated from the “primary” playground.
A structural module is proposed that coincides with the dimensions of the classroom. The structure is designed to be industrialised in prefab concrete with TT slabs for the floors, and steel trusses with fretted trays for the roof. The external shell does not reveal the construction system, which is also industrialised for the façade: continuous finish projected on rigid insulation affixed to fibre-plaster boards like a skin lining the prefab concrete structure on the outside. Inserted repetitively in this skin are traditional aluminium windows with awnings for solar protection on the south façade.
The protagonist of the project is the central interior space, which extends as a polyvalent space to permit interaction between pupils: a place for displaying handicrafts, talks (the stairs act as a grandstand), presentations and games.
A single colour (RAL 7032) is applied to all industrialised systems with which the building is constructed: roof, façade, joinery and external locks, internal walls, joinery and internal floors.

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Arquitectura: Jordi Badia Jefe de proyecto: Victòria Llinares Colaboradores: Eva Damià, Albert Duque, Mercè Mundet, Alessandra Sirianni, Mariona Guàrdia, Maria Alejandre, Anna Turull Cálculo estructuras: BIS Arquitectes Cálculo instalaciones: Consulting Lluís Duart Mediciones y Presupuesto: FCA Forteza i Carbonell Dirección de ejecución: Sanmartín tècnics Fotografía: Pedro Pegenaute
Jordi Badía
BAAS Arquitectes
Pedro Pegenaute