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Ojos del Salado, Granada

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Asunción Linares Nursery School

Elisa Valero Ramos, arquitecta

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Architecture
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The reinterpretation of architectural elements such as the ceramic lattice as a filter to control the glare of the southern light, making it compatible with the needs of use and ambient comfort, characterise this interesting exercise of adaptation to the best spatial and constructional logic.
The nursery school of El Serrallo is situated to the north of Granada, in a spot that gives a view of the entire city as well as the foothills of Sierra Nevada. Its formal characteristics are suited to the needs of a functional programme intended for children of up to three years old and comprises seven units with a total capacity for 102 children.
Given the benign climate of Granada, a direct relationship was sought between the classrooms and the playground situated on the slope of the mountain in order to foster the children’s contact with nature.
The steep topography of the plot and the interest in providing the best orientation and views from the classrooms has been a determining factor in the decisions taken for a project that, owing to the unevenness of the terrain, develops over two floors with direct access to each one of them.
All the materials have been chosen according to criteria of rationality, economy of means and constructional logic, and finishes have been used for the outside that do not require maintenance, such as concrete, which becomes a continuous envelope that covers vertical and horizontal walls like a structural shell, and vitreous ceramic in the enclosures of the east and west faces.
The playful nature of the play area is reinforced by the presence of the geometric murals in vivid colours designed by the artist Eduardo Barco.
In the interior, the white colour and the light that are so typical of Mediterranean architecture are a constant presence in the space. The white of the bathroom tiles gives way to the colourful elements of the furniture and the presence of the children.
The high danger of seismic activity in Granada and the lack of resistance of the ground deduced from the geotechnical study, together with the need to build a 7-metre-high retaining wall to bridge the difference in level between both sides of the building have all conditioned the design of a monolithic reinforced concrete structure that optimises the use of micro-piles in the foundations.
The materials used are part of the purest Granada tradition: the vitreous ceramics used follow the same construction process as those that in the 12th century covered the plinths of the Alhambra, especially in the lattice of the east façade, which refers in a contemporary key to the Arabic lattices.

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Situación: Ojos del Salado. Granada Autora: Elisa Valero Ramos, arquitecta Arquitecta técnica: María de los Llanos Martín Romero Colaboradores: Leonardo Tapiz Buzarra, arquitecto. Esteban Salcedo, Óscar Raya, estudiantes de arquitectura Promotor: Gerencia de Urbanismo del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Granada Fotografía: Fernando Alda
Elisa Valero Ramos
Lourdes Jansana