Terrassa (Barcelona)

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Agulles de Torresana

Manuel de Solà-Morales i Rubio, arquitecto con Lucho Marcial y Xavier Fábregas, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Architecture
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This is the construction of a new district with 2,000 dwellings on the eastern limit of the city, in contact with the wide open space that separates it from Sabadell. The intention is to create a fabric of transparency in which, without renouncing density and compact shapes, the transition can be made between the existing pine grove and the outdoor greenery. The buildings are the result of this intention.
But the greatest interest of this experience was the collective and almost simultaneous drafting of the general layout and the architectures. In parallel to the general projects, the head architect has worked with the two designers of the buildings. Josep Llinàs (buildings E and F ), Josep Maria Lecea and Xavier Monteys (buildings C and D), Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores (building H), Enric Soria (building A), Manuel de Solà-Morales (buildings B, G, I, J, K and urbanization) have followed a joint discussion in regard to both the general criteria and the specific solutions, in a particularly satisfying process.
The Societat Municipal d’Habitatge (Municipal Housing Corporation) of Terrassa has promoted and accompanied this project with singular intelligence and care.
The new Torresana district in Terrassa, as interstitial buildings of the development proposal. Three equal yet different needles. Volumetry according to the planning. Elongated bars to emphasise the views of the outdoor greenery. 147 dwellings with apartments in different sizes, between 55 and 98 m2. Structure of parallel screens and exposed concrete forgings. Interior lift for two flats per landing. External stairs. Open-plan interiors with polished concrete floors and exposed installations. Parking within the structure itself.

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Arquitectos: Manuel de Solà-Morales i Rubió, arquitecto autor, con Lucho Marcial y Xavier Fábregas, arquitectos Cliente: Sociedad Municipal de Vivienda de Terrassa (SOMUHATESA ) Colaboradores: Christian Naudin, arquitecto, Wissam Khairalla, Saro di Rosa, Isabel Tomé, arquitectos Arquitectos técnicos: Enric Peña, Alfons Trigas, Josep Mª Oller (AT3 Arquitectura técnica) Ingenierias: BOMA, Estructuras, AJ Ingeniería, Instalaciones Constructor: OHL Fotografía: Rosa Feliu, fotógrafa y Jorge Perea, arquitecto
Manuel de Solà-Morales
Lucho Marcial