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IED inauguration show window

Josep Ferrando Bramona, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2012  Ephemeral interventions
Description Technical file

The installation arose from the need to create a show window for the inauguration of the new IED headquarters in Barcelona. It needed to be an action that would represent the district, the reformed building and the School.
We had two days to think of something and execute it, and a budget of maximum 200 euros.
The proposal takes into account the building’s historical context in remembrance of its textile past, the teaching context as a reflection of the Design and Fashion studies imparted by the IED, the urban context, as a dilation and façade thickness that blurs the limits between exterior and interior, between the public and the private in a district with a substantial pedestrian fabric.
The installation is a large loom working with two densities: a smaller one that traps the passer-by; the foreshortened gaze causes a moiré effect that transforms the show window into a spider’s web, trapping the observer… a larger one constructs the school logo in the same language rather than as an add-on.
Five tensioned steel cables every 12 cm served to braid a wool yarn in red (the corporate colour) every 6 cm, building a discontinuous system in the top and bottom part that kept the strands from overlapping.
The same wool every 2 cm outlined the school logo trapped by the rest of the loom.
A subtle intervention of a single gesture, a single material that is duplicated in its multiple reflections with the neighbours.

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Promotor / Propietario: Istituto Europeo di Design Arquitecto: Josep Ferrando Bramona Colaboradores: Marta Arias, Carol Castilla, Park GoUn, Fathima Ilma, Jordi Pérez, Kim TaeGweon Fotografía: Jordi Pérez, Eric Pàmies
Josep Ferrando