Healthcare architectures

Ontinyent, Valencia

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San Rafael care centre for the elderly in Ontinyent

Ramón Esteve, arquitecto

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Functionality, containment, sustainability and formal quality constitute the concepts that underpin this architectural project in which the protagonists are the users and the spatial quality of its spaces.

The project is based on fostering the interpersonal relations of the elderly and favour their communication. To this end, both the fluidity of the interior spaces and establishing visual relations was sought, with the purpose of preventing the isolation of the different activities. In this type of facility, users spend a large part of the time waiting and in corridors; it was thus chosen to change the character of such spaces, transforming them into ample and open lounge and relationship areas.

Formally, the building is limited by two large rooms that appear blind in the headwalls giving on to the adjacent streets and which house the service areas and polyvalent room. Transparency in a transversal sense is favoured through the use of a play of prefab screens made from white structural concrete, diverging and converging, which open to the exterior space to establish a direct relationship between concept and form. The ample lounge areas are closed off by means of glass panes that give on to the front access garden and the play area at the back.

The rooms for care use give on to their own courtyards that both organise the programme and provide greater privacy thanks to the use of metallic lattices, allowing the natural light to spread through the different interior spaces to give the building a dynamic and open character.

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Emplazamiento: Ontinyent, Valencia. Arquitecto: Ramon Esteve. Arquitectos colaboradores: Olga Badía, Ana Boscá. Colaboradores: Tudi Soriano. Arquitecto técnico: Emilio Pérez. Promotor: CONSELLERIA DE BENESTAR SOCIAL. Constructora: Clasica Urbana. Fotografía: Mariela Apollonio
Ramón Esteve
Mariela Apollonio