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Amarante, Portugal.

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ACXT, arquitectos.

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The project strategy defined by its authors in this hospital project situated in the vicinity of Oporto is based on the implementation of a Cartesian order with the purpose of spreading the light to all its rooms.
The four-storey Hospital of Amarante is a rectangle shaped from a grid of autonomous volumes, interconnected by a longitudinal axis. The interstitial spaces between the volumes create two types of courtyards: closed inside and open towards the outside.
The main idea is that the patients of this Portuguese municipality are as close as possible to the best that this spot can offer: the views, the light, the air and the green of the fields that surround Oporto.
The centre is thus located on gently sloping ground in such a way that its location allows a varied programme to be inserted, leading to the decision of giving the building a total height of between one and four storeys in order to adapt it to the various uses of outpatients department, emergencies or hospital.
In addition to this play of heights, the recessing of the storeys (on occasion transformed into thresholds and access porches or pulled back to leave a space for a terrace and facilitate the views of a vegetation-covered roof) breaks up the tough geometry that would otherwise have required the more than 20,000 square metres that the facilities occupy.
Beyond the wellbeing of the patients, the hospital’s functionality is the second pillar supporting the strategic decisions of the design. The grey hue of natural stone, of the concrete panels, is the third one. This industrial material, restrained and efficiently divided into rectangular slabs, is the only ornament in a building of large dimensions yet of discreet and contained characteristics.

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Situación: Amarante, Portugal. Cliente: Centro Hospitalario do Tâmega e Sousa. Estudio: ACXT. Arquitecto Responsable: David Coutinho Correia. Arquitectos: Inês Coelho, Francisca Bastos, Marcelo Dantas, Francisco Eloy, Jorge Paquete. Costes: David Coutinho Correia. Estructuras: Silvia Castillo martins, João Almeida, Rita Fernández. Climatización: Álvaro Santos, André Mendes, José Sereno. Agua: Antonio Gaspar, Joel Vinagre, Ana Mendoça. Electricidad: Fernando Loureir, José Quintas, Inês Cardoso, Luis Barra. Telecomunicaciones: Fernando Loureiro, José Quintas, Inês Cardoso, Luis Baarra. Fuego: Belén Herrero. Acústica: Antonio Dias (Certiprojecto). Paisajismo: João Gomes Da Silva (Global). Fotografía: Fernando Guerra.
SE1 3QB Londres, Reino Unido
Fernando Guerra (Estudio FG+SG)
1900-271 Lisboa, Portugal