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Lemoiz. Bizkaia.

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Remodeling of the pelota court of Armintza

Cristina Acha Odriozola y Miguel Zaballa Llano, arquitectos.

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The difficulties inherent to fitting a built space of the considerable dimensions of a pelota court into the urban surroundings has been skilfully resolved with a great sense of commitment to its environment in this remodelling and refitting project undertaken on the pelota court of Armintza, in Lemoiz.

As part of the urban renewal operations of the municipality, the Town Hall of Lemoiz had embarked on the improvement of the municipal facilities, among which is the pelota court of Armintza, intended for playing the short-racket modality. The aim was to give the building some changing rooms and complementary services that would turn the sports facility into an attractive addition to the various activities that revolve around the sport of pelota.
The main objective of this project, beyond the functional aspects, is to improve its relationship with the urban grid, and to this end a section formed comprised of three orders was proposed: the coloured boxes that house the changing rooms and other services in the bottom part, the overhang to provide shade for the grandstand in the intermediate level and the whitish smooth plane of the shell, renovated in the top part. The ultimate aim was to shift the weight towards the bottom part to generate a gradual reading of its great volume within an urban grid comprised of narrow streets.
The polycarbonate cladding with translucent “vibrations” in the top part and the overhang of the first floor over the sequence of reddish and blue bodies of the base are elements that introduce a different reading of the great volume cut out against the slope and transform it into something nearer the pedestrian scale. The presence of shadows and contrasts in the two lower orders as a counterpoint to the smooth, whitish texture extending towards the roof, shift the formal weight of the whole down to the ground, facilitating a gradual perception of its volume. The variable wing has a structural function to compensate for the momentum of the existing pillars and the function of protecting from the sunlight that strikes the glass façade, as the wing is greater the more it is exposed to the sunlight. In this way, where the pelota court faces the neighbouring block of flats, the wing is less and where the street widens and the pelota court loses its protection, the roof forging stretches to align the current awning.

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Situación: Armintza, Lemoiz. Bizkaia. Autores: acha zaballa arquitectos. Cristina Acha Odriozola y Miguel Zaballa Llano. Consultores estructuras: Jon Bilbao, Josu Minteguia Arquitectos. Arquitecto técnico: Alberto García Lusa. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Lemoiz. Constructora: Antia Eraiki. Fecha de ejecución de la obra: diciembre 2009-enero2011. Superficie construida: 409 m². Fotografía: Estíbaliz Mugeta.