Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape

El Prat de Llobregat. Barcelona.

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Development and adaptation project of the Route of La Bunyola

Olga Tarrasó Climent arquitecta y Juliá Espinàs Casas, diseñador.

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The balance between a refined design and the adoption of a strict strategy aimed at environmental protection preside over the action of the authors within the framework of this fragile landscape.

The scope of the development project for the Route of La Bunyola begins at the head of the rainwater drainage canal in the northern part of the municipality of El Prat and ends in the beach.

Municipal management has divided the action into three phases: the first and second one, which are now built, are situated between the beach and the bridge of the old Valencia route, and the third phase, situated in contact with the built-up part of the municipality.

The project works on the routes that run over the two hillocks containing the bed of the canal in order to ensure a balance between the intensive pedestrian use of the area and the protection of the natural spaces of the Llobregat delta and its farming activities that are still being carried out on the territory.

The paths have been consolidated, confining the box of the granular paving between two rows of treated wood planks. The annual re-vegetation process of the margins and slopes has been studied in order to favour its consolidation, allowing for the mechanical drainage of the canal bed, and the planting of trees has been completed, with specimens transferred here from other wet areas in the municipality.

The organisation of the routes through walkways, enclosures and rest and observation areas, combined with the vegetation process of the slopes, preserves the migratory wildlife of the wetland from the repercussion of the public use of the paths.

The rest and observation areas have been fitted with a series of wooden planks to allow for a versatile use of their surface (sitting, writing, eating, etc), distancing themselves from a formalisation of urban furniture that is more appropriate for public spaces in the urban domain.

In the Bunyola vantage point (a project by the architect Imma Jansana) the platform has been modified and fitted out, expanding its width through the creation of a south-facing lookout balcony and protecting the north beach (especially visited by migratory species) by means of a wooden enclosure that allows them to be observed.

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Autores del proyecto: Espinàs i Tarrasó - Olga Tarrasó Climent, arquitecta y Julià Espinàs Casas, diseñador. Colaboradores: Anna Malagutti, Joaquim Mulà, Claire Palluel, Maria Pauner, Jordi Palà y Ana Vidal, arquitectos. Lluís Alsina, arquitecto técnico. Empresas constructoras: MOIX Serveis i Obres, GRUP MAS Constructors. Fecha construcción: Octubre-Diciembre 2011. Fotografía: Espinàs i Tarrasó.