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Camas. Sevilla.

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Redevelopment project of the Victoria Kent urban park

Antonio Blanco Montero, arquitecto.

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The formal and functional recovery of a sector with obsolete characteristics in the Victoria Kent urban park constitutes the scenario for a subtle project exercise in which design and sustainability come together in a quest for a suitable final result.

The intervention takes place in an area of the park where the forecasts of the original project have not obtained the expected results and owing to the touch proposed approach, have produced a marginal area within the whole, a vast “crater” 40 metres in diameter and 1.20 metres in depth, without any treatment other than paving in vibrated concrete cobblestones, with a lack of any complementary facilities.

The project seeks to recover this area by incorporating urban furniture that will bring a new dynamic to it and by installing new equipment that will recover its initial appeal, eliminating the mentioned “crater” and pursuing a more natural character through the incorporation of numerous elements of vegetation. It is important to emphasise the railway origins of the area, with several buildings that used to serve the railway, which mainly consisted of convoys of freight from the Cala mines. The presence of these buildings and their recovery as cultural facilities complements the contributions of this redevelopment exercise.

There are three elements that meet the initial revitalising approach: a small grandstand with a stage, a kiosk and a meadow to connect it with the rest of the park, on which a tree grove has been planted.

The formalisation of the kiosk tunes into the railway atmosphere present in the complex. Thus, two prisms shifted away from each other, like freight wagons, remain immobile in the environs of the station. The open vocation of the new use is transferred to the actual formalisation of its elements. One of them, which acts as a pergola, insinuates itself through its structural skeleton; the other, a glass box that houses the kiosk, is covered in Corten sheet steel, some of which composes the sliding doors that open fully to reveal the interior.

Existing elements have been used for both for the grandstand and stage and for the urban furniture and 80% of the concrete cobblestones resulting from the demolition of the old “hard” square have been recycled. All the existing benches have been restored.

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Situación: Camas. Sevilla. Arquitecto: Antonio Blanco Montero. Cliente: Ayuntamiento de Camas. Superficie: 2.223 m². Fecha: Diciembre 2011. Contratista: Antonio Guisado Angulo. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Antonio Blanco Montero
Camas, Sevilla
Fernando Alda Calvo