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Reforms and outfitting for a dwelling studio

Anna Puigjaner Barberá, arquitecta

FAD Awards finalist  
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The project consists of outfitting and reforming an old dwelling and a small annexe that used to house a washhouse and whose typology consisted of a continuous space of variable section of around 40 metres in length into which barely any natural light entered.

In order to improve the interior lighting, the project focuses on opening up a patio with its respective windows, which is conceived as another room. This outdoor room divides the 40 metres in length of the two areas: the front area, which is open to the street, and the back one housing a great table 12.5 metres in length and intended as a workspace.

Particular care has been taken in the patio with the three new large windows, covering jambs, lintels and sills in wood to thus transform them into living spaces that permit the enjoyment of this open space and transforming the thresholds into useful intermediate spaces.

The rest of the existing spaces have been respected, with barely a few partitions being added that, through generous steps, reinforce the subtle relationship between the different habitable zones and thus causing a visual sequence of linked yet discontinuous spaces with their own entity.

Given the scarcity of resources, the intervention decided to focus efforts on these singular points – the patio, the new openings, the entry of light, etc – that are essential for use through simple solutions that distance themselves from any technological and constructional sophistication.

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Localización: Barcelona. Autor: Anna Puigjaner Barberá, arquitecta. Colaboradores: Guillermo López Ibáñez.Superficie: 192m2. Fotografía: José Hevia.
Ana Maria Puigjaner Barberà
José Hevia