Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape


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Excaravox, mobile and permanent agri-social infrastructures in Matadero

Andrés Jaque, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist  
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The suite of institutional contemporary art centres of the city of Madrid is concentrated along the axis that connects Avenida de América with Plaza Legazpi, aligned with the tourist routes of the city centre. However, the geographic distribution of small-scale music and theatre groups and poetry associations extends in a regular manner throughout the extensive territory now occupied by the city of Madrid. Each one of these small groups culturally activates the local contexts in which their activities take place and as a whole form the cultural promotion and discussion infrastructure with the greatest impact on the city. This project is committed to understanding culture as an asset that improves everyday living conditions and its main objective is to help public efforts to contribute to a fair access to the benefits that culture confers.

The objective of this project is to provide Matadero-Madrid with public material devices and institutional protocols to enable a pairing between the two previously described intervention models in the cultural sphere. The open spaces of the old slaughterhouse are fitted out with two large-span mobile structures (33.19 and 32.72 metres respectively) containing systems for sound amplification, stage lighting and audiovisual screening that –in combination with rolling grandstands, mobile stages and workbenches- allow anyone to organise cultural events open to the public in the Matadero Square.

The project’s material strategy consists of using popular, serially produced generic elements assembled in a unique composition that meets the specifics of the programme. It is the assembly and not the design and production of the components that places industry at the service of such specialised programmes, and this is the principal contribution in technological strategy that this project makes to the discipline of architecture. The mass production of these elements (galvanised steel irrigation systems, shade-providing mesh in glass fibre from the farming industry, plastic chairs, rubbish bags or watertight lights produced from injected thermoplastics) means that their price and long-term availability are extremely competitive.

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Emplazamiento: Madrid. Autor: Andrés Jaque Architects / Office for Political Innovation. Equipo: Ruggero Agnolutto (Encargado de proyecto), Fernando Arocha, Ángela Bailén, Almudena Basabe, Elisa Bua, Álvaro Carrillo, Catalina Corredor, Roberto González García, Michal Just, Jorge López Conde, Marco Marcelletti, Paola Pardo, Khristian Serena, Patrycja Stal, Dagmar Stéeova, Silvie Talackova. Estructuras: BOMAINPASA. Equipamiento: Juan Carlos Lafuente, Álvaro Zamora. Cliente: Matadero Madrid. Investigación sociológica: Silvia Rodríguez. Fotografía: Miguel de Guzmán.
Andrés Jaque

Miguel De Guzmán