Munguía, Vizcaya

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Arteche Ultra High Voltage Lab in Munguía

Javier Aja (ACXT), arquitecto

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A forceful and apparently minimalist prismatic volume clad in an imaginative metallic screen serves as a container for a lab fitted with the highest technological range applied to “ultra high voltage” electrical testing.

The building is intended for an Ultra High Voltage Lab for dielectric testing of measurement transformers of up to 850 kv. This has entailed the construction of an open-plan unit 57 m in length, 30 m in width and 27 m in free interior useful height to shape the “Faraday cage” required for the precision in the measurements performed inside it. It is the only lab of this kind in Spain and one of the few that exist worldwide.

This lab seeks to be a space dedicated to the highest technology in the sector as well as a representation of the commitment made by Arteche Hnos. SA to innovation, reflecting this in a polished metallic façade that vibrates and breaks up along its perimeter.

This scenographic treatment of the facades is what allows it to integrate as a significant and characteristic object into a setting characterised by the presence of considerably lower constructions than this building, which attains a height of thirty metres.

The proximity to a highway running along at a raised level in relation to the building allows for a suitable scale between the unit and its setting, which is a highly attractive landscape.

The main unit is divided into three principal spaces, fitted out to conduct the “shock” and “resonant” testing and precision measuring.

In an annexe to the main space is a technical block with direct views of the interior testing space, which has two control and reception rooms, a meeting room and a space for presentations with a capacity for 60 people.

In order to be able to conduct the measurements with the required precision, the design of the building had to meet a varied, detailed and highly complex programme in regard to electromagnetic screening and the design of the earthing network.

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Localización: Camino Derio Bidea, 28, Mungía. Spain. Proyecto y Dirección de Obra: Estudio ACXT Arquitectos / Grupo IDOM. Equipo de proyecto: Director de encargo: Patxi Sánchez Aguilar, Arquitecto: Javier Aja Cantalejo, Presupuesto: Ana Isabel Robles, Estructuras: Miguel Ángel Corcuera, Instalaciones: Miguel García Castillo, Lorena Muñoz. Dirección de obra: Director obra: Patxi Sánchez Aguilar, Control ejecución obra: Ana Isabel Robles, Estructuras: Miguel Ángel Corcuera, Instalaciones: Patxi Sánchez Aguilar, Arquitectura: Javier Aja Cantalejo, Cliente: Gonzalo Hormaechea ARTECHE. Contratistas: Jefe de obra: DECONS Antonio López, NORTON Miguel Díaz. Cliente: Electrotecnia Arteche Hermanos.S.A. Sup. Construida: 2,495 m2. Sup. Urbanización: 1,900 m2. Fechas Construcción: 22/03/12 – 20/03/2013. Presupuesto: 3.421.080€. Fotografía: Aitor Ortiz.
SE1 3QB Londres, Reino Unido
Aitor Ortiz