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Churtichaga y Quadra-Salcedo, arquitectos

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Subtlety, imagination and, above all, common sense, are the concepts which define and make sense of this project for the transformation of a former garage into an office space.

The rehabilitated property was once a garage, and before that it housed the coaches that linked the Norte and Atocha stations. This former garage, apparently intact since the forties, has been preserved in a sort of bubble in one of Madrid’s busiest areas.

The clients are a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to establish the headquarters of the worldwide THE HUB network in Madrid. These timeshare offices for social entrepreneurs are used to carry out a diverse array of projects, which basically aim to ‘change the world’.

The following text is a series of reflections by the project’s creators that allow us to understand and appreciate the final results:

“We wanted to implement the standards of energy efficiency, economic sustainability and recycling which, to our understanding, are the challenge of our times, as well as explore a new way to modify and reuse the building heritage of the 20th century.

We asked ourselves if we would be capable of not altering or covering any of this space’s layers of life, of practically not designing…

…what if we just insulated the roof, added an under‐floor heating system beneath large wooden panels ‐ warm during winter and cool during summer; if we left the walls unpainted and simply lined the meeting rooms with recycled wool felt, leaving its patina, old signs and defects on display

…what if we purchased almost nothing new, calling instead on the Hub’s inhabitants to donate their used furniture, if we added other pieces of retired furniture and gave them another chance… In any case we did see the need for some form of all‐purpose furniture, and we thought of boxes, fruit boxes, which are also stools, supports, stairs, bookcases, lockers.

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Localización: Gobernador 26, Madrid. Spain. Autorr: Churtichaga y Quadra-Salcedo Arquitectos (ayr+chitecture). Presupuesto: 145.000€. Superficie Area: 350 m2. Fotografía: Daniel Torrelló/ ayr+chitecture.