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Roa, Burgos

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Headquarters for the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origen Ribera del Duero

Fabrizio Barozzi y Alberto Veiga arquitectos

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In a simple, forceful way, this project emerges as a skilful interpretation of the reality of its space, situated on the border between the urban space and its adjacent rural surroundings.

Perched on a hillock with views of the river Duero, Roais a village that in the course of time has been struck by battles and fires yet conserves vestiges of its medieval wall. The headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero stand above this line of defence, in a spot that, situated on the limits of the urban area, belongs equally to its urban and rural settings. The built ensemble can thus be understood as a singularisation of its setting, an element of transition between the urban landscape in which it stands and the natural landscape it faces, interpreting both landscapes as characteristic elements of the place.

The architects have skilfully resolved the challenge inherent to defining a powerful and representative image of the ensemble without distorting the built or natural environment. The tower, with a magnificent boardroom on the top level, possesses sufficient identity to establish a dialogue with the never-ending landscape and so both the old hospital and the ecclesiastical remains fit in well with the urban scale. In this way the new work exercises a filtering function, a transitional space between the urban part and the fields that surround it.

The complex comprises two main parts, a new-build tower of trapezoid outline clad in ochre stone and dotted with a cluster of circular openings, and the old hospital of San Juan (16th century). Added to them are two lesser volumes, one of which integrates an arch and a façade, the remains of the church attached to the hospital, which act as skylights at the service of the premises laid out in the lower plinth of the ensemble. This suite of built pieces or volumes shape a lookout plaza with panoramic views that reach as far as the nearby villages. Underneath the plaza, in the plinth, are the services inherent to the activity, such as an auditorium and a tasting room.

Giving shape to the project through the use of stone as the protagonist material on its facades is understood as an intensification of the character of this place, allowing it to compose a sensorial evocation of the landscape. The dissonant work of the gaps, however, allows its architecture to be associated with a radically contemporary condition.

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Localización Location: Roa, Spain. Cliente Client : Consejo Regulador Ribera de Duero. Equipo Director Team Director: (Estudio BarozziVeiga), Fabrizio Barozzi y Alberto Veiga, arquitectos. Colaboradores Collaborators: Paulo Lopes, Tanja Oppowa, Antonio Pinto, Agnieszka Samsel, Antonis Vourexakis. Arquitecto Tecnico y Restauracion Technical Architect and Restoration: (Ardevols), Roser, Salvador Segura, Ignacion Choliz. Estructuras Structures: BOMA, Diego Martin. Instalaciones Installations: GRUPO JG. Fases Proyecto Project fases: Concurso: 10.10.2005_27.02.2006, Ejecución: 07.05.2006_ 29.03.2008, Obra: 01.11.2008_07.10.2010 Superficie construida Built area:4.146,57 m2. Presupuesto Budget: 5.701.935,50€. Fotografía Photography: Mariella Apolonio.
Alberto Veiga
Fabrizio Barozzi
Estudio Barozzi Veiga
Mariela Apollonio