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La Grajera Institutional Winery

Juan Manuel Herranz y Marta Parra, arquitectos (Virai arquitectos)

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This project skilfully resolves the integration of its three main objectives: natural setting, need for an image as an institutional building and suitable response to the necessary wine production cycle.
The La Grajera Institutional Winery is situated on the La Grajera estate, a few kilometres from the centre of Logroño and in the vicinity of The Way of St. James. It is a privileged spot, on a small hill from which the vineyards and a nearby lake can be seen. The La Grajera Winery forms part of the Vine and Wine Sciences Institute (ICVV), whose complex will be completed with the construction of a scientific building being undertaken by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The centre aspires to becoming an international benchmark in wine-growing research.
The project seeks to achieve a balance between its representative character and its vocation to integrate into the landscape, avoiding both any exhibitionism and excessive mimesis. The volumes adapt to the uneven contours of the terrain and break up when approaching a nearby forest, coming together on its border and respecting the existing woodland.
A large semi-buried sandstone plinth housing the winery’s production area folds and rises, ceasing to be an element of the building to become an element in the landscape. In contrast to this massive construction, the institutional part is formed into a lightweight, elongated body made of glass and dark ceramic.
The third volume, a small broken tower housing administrative uses, completes and closes off the ensemble on the west, helping to create the pedestrian plaza leading to the different spaces: a plaza opening to the forest, the landscape and the panorama. The existence of these two accesses at different heights allows the actual winery to be semi-buried by taking advantage of the terrain’s slope, favouring aspects of the productive process such as achieving a constant temperature, the use of gravity or natural ventilation.
The building’s materials accompany these changes, going from the luminous exterior to the interiors in dark stone, in a didactic tour that participates in all the wine-making phases.

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Localización Location: Finca de La Grajera, Logroño,La Rioja,Spain. Cliente Client: Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería y Desarrollo Rural. Gobierno de la Rioja. Arquitectos Architects: Virai Arquitectos, Marta Parra+Juan Manuel Herranz. Ingenieros Agrónomos Ingenieros Agrónomos: Ingenieria Proyectos Navarra. Concurso Competition: Marta Parra (Arquitecta, Jefa de Equipo) , Jesús Aramendía (Ingeniero Agrónomo, Jefe de Equipo); Laila Arias, Juan Manuel Herranz y Federico Wulff (arquitectos). Proyecto de ejecución Construction Project: Marta Parra Casado, Juan Manuel Herranz, Laila Arias, Federico Wulff, Jorge Garrudo, Christian Alvarez y Rodrigo Aragón, (arquitectos), Guillermo Lacarra y Jesús Aramendía (Ingenieros Agrónomos). Consultores Consultors :Instalaciones Installacions: Ingeniería Proyectos Navarra; Arquitelia. Estructuras Structures: Ingeniería Proyectos Navarra , GV 408. Instalaciones Vinificación Instalaciones Vinificación: Ingeniería Proyectos Navarra. Dirección de obra Dirección de obra: Juan Manuel Herranz (arquitecto), Guillermo Lacarra (ingeniero agrónomo) y Amaia Martinez (aparejadora). Equipo dirección de obra Equipo dirección de obra: Marta Parra, Stepan Martinovsky, Jorge Garrudo, Teun Van Veggel,María Aramendía, (arquitectos), Gorka Ducay, Oscar Huarte, Roberto Urdangariz, Cristina Pellejero;Oscar Canalejo, Jesús Ilarraza (ingeniería instalaciones). Concurso Primer Premio Competition First Prize : Mayo de 2000. Proyecto de Ejecución Implementation project: 2004 y 2007. Construcción Date of completion: Septiembre 2009- Junio 2011.Superficie Area: 6.900 m2. Presupuesto Budget: 11.292.757,45€.Fotografía Photography: Amaia Martínez, Diego Carreño, Jose Manuel Cutillas, Rafael de la Fuente.
Suppliers list
Pavimentos de resinas epoxi “ Sistema Tezco-Res” / "Tezco-Res System" epoxy resin floors: Tezco
Cubierta vegetal / Vegetation cover: Vivers Ter
Virai Arquitectos
José Manuel Cutillas
Pamplona, Navarra