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New headquarters for the Economists’ Association

José Miguel Roldán y Mercè Berengué, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2014  Architecture
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The jury’s appraisal
We value the building’s appropriate urban scale, which builds the new façade of the square. The fragmentation of its south façade, which is divided into different scales, vertically superposes a set of galleries that are the social heart of the building and which fill the square with life.

The new Economists’ Association occupies a narrow plot, with a façade of 32 metres and a surface space of 380 m2 at the end of Plaza Placídia of Barcelona, a fragment of the city in the midst of transformation situated on the border between the districts of Gracia and Sarria-Sant Gervasi, in the upper part of the city.
The functional programme, which covers 3,000 built square metres, is distributed over six floors and two underground storeys. By grouping the functions into a double order, the building appears as a superposed sequence of boxes, each one two storeys in height.
The foyer, waiting and circulation spaces on the different levels are arranged along the longitudinal facades, on the front giving on to the square. Movement, user waiting time and transformations of the interior space are the real façade of the urban square. Through this operation, and adding the transparency of the glass façade, the project increases the institution’s visibility, establishing a dialogue with the square and the city.
The project becomes a pillar-free 32x10.5-metrevessel devised like a Japanese house in which the fabric and glass partitions adapt the space to a variety of contents and capacities. This interior convertibility is also achieved thanks to the regularity of the structure and the compacted vertical communication nucleus and service units.
The shell of the building actively participates in its energy balance, contributing a suite of solutions without losing out on interior luminosity, controlling energy demand and ensuring the rational use of the HVAC. It is thus built in modules of monochrome white transparent, translucent or opaque glass depending on orientation criteria and functionality requirements of the programme (external convertibility). The external skin forms the true façade of the Association and features a 50%-opaque screen print. The internal skin constitutes the habitable limit and is completely air-and watertight.

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Localización Location: Plaza Gal•la Placídia 32, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: José Miguel Roldán y Mercè Berengué (Roldán + Berengué, arqts.) Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborators Architetcs: Juanjo P. Jarque, Vicenç Sanz, Zana Bosnic. Promotor Promotor: Col•legi d’Economistes de Catalunya. Instalaciones Installations: Grupo JG. Estructura Structure: Agustí Obiol (BOMAINPASA). Aparejador Technical Architect: Gabriel Valeri. Contratista General Contractor: TAU-ICESA. Superficie Area: 3.080 m2. Presupuesto Budget: 4.287.269 € (PEC sin IVA). Fecha proyecto Project date: 2009. Fecha obra Construction date: 2011-2013. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Surroca, Miquel Darder, Marcel Erminy y Roldan + Berengué, arqts
Miguel Roldán Andrade
Mercè Berengué
Roldán + Berengué Arquitectos

Jordi Surroca