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Aviá, Barcelona

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Bitxo House

Lagula Arquitectes,S.L.P., arquitectos

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The longitudinal development of a wall that can alternatively be an enclosure or a lattice configures the radical image of this ensemble of dwellings that adapts to the surrounding landscape.

Situated in the foothills of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, the area of Graugés is defined by a landscape of gently rolling hills and two lakes, in front of which rises the gorge on which the house stands. The outline of this gorge, embodied in a wall, is the trigger for the project: the rooms, the swimming pool, the garden, the kitchen garden all cling to the wall in a spiral layout that, evoking the original topography, covers several rides. First the ramp and the spaces in which it lands: the kitchen and dining room. Then, changing the direction of the architectural route and after climbing five steps, the living room open to the garden. Five more steps lead to the master bedroom; another five and turning around again, a bedroom followed by a further two rooms, those of the boys, which overlook the living space, closing the ascending circle.

In all this play of interior level changes, the roof, with its single sloping pitch, plays a central role: by dilating or contracting it delimits the more public spaces and shelters the more private ones, adapting the scale to the different situations that occur on the route.

The project is thus conceived and built as a superposition of construction elements that gradually configure the spaces around this almost natural path, such as the broken wall in solid manual brick that rises as a lattice to act as a solar filter but with large openings that, framed by the concrete of the structure, give views of the horizon.

The internal service cores, which hold functions such as bathrooms, cloakroom, dressing room, laundry room or cupboard, are rooms closed off with ceramic partitions clad on the outside in a 10x30-cm ceramic piece enamelled in bright colours and, on the inside, in a white piece in several formats.

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Localización Location: Carrer del Llac, 6, Graugés, Avià (Barcelona). Spain. Promotor Promotor: Xavier Planas y Queralt Sales. Arquitectos Architects: (Lagula Arquitectes) Antonio Alonso Ortega, Martín Ezquerro Fernández, Ignacio Lopez Alonso, Manel Morante Mediavilla y Marc Zaballa Camprubi. Colaboradores Collaborators: Eduard Reus ( Estructura), Jordi Culell ( Dirección de ejecución de obra). Constructora General Contractor: Xavier Planas y Queralt Sales. Año proyecto Project date: 2003. Ejecución Completion: 2005 – 2012. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula
Martín Ezquerro
Marc Zaballa
Adrià Goula