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Pamplona, Navarra

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Secondary Schooling and Baccalaureate building for the School of El Redín

Juan Miguel Otxotorena Elizegui, arquitecto

Description Technical file

This new build, the extension of an existing school building, is characterised by the formal radicalness of its volumetry, in a colour framework defined by the contrast of light and shadow that its ceramic cladding gives it.

The project’s programme of requirements depends on the expectations of the school’s pupils given the evolution in the demand for places. And it is articulated around the demands of the legislation in force on this issue, part of the specificities of the institution’s educational project.

The construction of a new suite of classrooms is understood right from the start as an optimal occasion to readjust the suitability of the school facilities. It seeks to meet the criteria that experience has crystallised in regard to the design of teaching spaces and ambitiously addresses the discussion on the dimensions of the rooms, their qualities of space and convenience, the resolution of their functional requirements, the evidence and clarity of circulations, the choice of materials and the efficiency of the installations.

The project designs the orderly layout of a total of ten new classrooms (three for Secondary, four for Baccalaureate, two labs and a music room) located next to the school’s current base, in the area called the Huertas de Aranzadi, in Pamplona.

The final result is a building four storeys in height, compact and with a trapezoid ground plan, aggressive in its volumetry, connected to the existing building and dependent on it.

The proposal chooses to make the most of the plot’s particular conditioning factors, with a geometry that adapts to the urban byelaws and assumes a five-metre recess from the perimeter of the plot and the internal pathways. This scheme seeks to optimally resolve uses and communications, attending to existing needs in regard to evacuation and access control. Making the most of the topography, the ground-floor level has been made to coincide with that of the playground located on the north-facing façade, while that of the basement is directly associated with that of the existing building. There are two entrance points: one in the basement, which connects the school’s general facilities with the new building, and the main one, which is situated on the ground floor and gives on to the playground.

Reasons of content, clearly defined by sustainability criteria, led the school’s principals to show their predisposition towards using ceramic cladding on the new building’s external walls so as to ensure the optimal maintenance and robustness of the complex.

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Localización Location: Pamplona, Navarra. Promotor Promotor: FEISA. Arquitecto Architect: Juan M. Otxotorena. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Isabelino Río Rodríguez. Colaboradores Collaborators: Gloria Herrera Damas, arquitecto, ALBERDI estructuras. Constructor General contractor: ACR. Proyecto Project: Julio 2008. Ejecución Completion: 2011-2013. Superficie construida Built area: 1.478,00 m². Fotografía Photography: José Manuel Cutillas, Rubén Pérez Bescós
José Manuel Cutillas
Pamplona, Navarra