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Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona

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Zinganshina House

Manuel Bailo Esteve y Rosa Rull Beltrán, arquitectos

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The project for this family house has allowed its authors to reflect on the need to consider the roof as a fundamental defining element of its image.
This is a family house that would like to be more closely stuck to the ground. A house that seeks its roots in a forceful, almost excessive way, and shows it. Radically lacking in any action that might hinder its true interest: feet on the ground and roof in the sky. The concrete structure, its screens, ultimately define the space almost prematurely, and the ceramic of the roof reflects the sunlight and the clouds. In this building, the domestic space hangs between the structure and the landscape.
The plot, with a whimsical geometry resulting from being a residual space in a residential area, defines the location of the house and its programme to a great degree. The house is organised into two floors. On the first, street level, part of the house containing the more public programme clings to the ground thanks to its concrete wall structure, and the bedrooms are on the second level, floating above the garden.
The house interior is organised around a central double-height space that spirals from ground level to the vitreous ceramic clouds. The architectural proposal is reaffirmed in the roof solution insofar as it is a fundamental defining element of its final image.
The project for the Zinganshina house reflects on the issue posed by Le Corbusier when announcing the need to understand the roof not only as the element that protects from climatic conditions but also, through its formal and constructional treatment, as a fifth façade that, in this case, is clad in vitreous ceramic in hexagonal pieces, enamelled and matt, protecting the roof forging and which, how could it be otherwise when speaking of “modern” architecture, are in a modern white colour.

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Localización Location: Paseo de Sevilla, numero 12. Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona. Promotor Promotor: Grupo MARCOVE. Arquitecto Architect: BailoRull ADD+. Manuel Bailo Esteve, arq., Rosa Rull Bertrán, arq. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: José Antonio Quesada Checa, arq. tec. Colaboradores Collaborators: Josep Puigdemont Vinyals, arq., Javier Jiménez Iniesta, arq.. Proyecto Project: Julio 2008. Ejecución Completion: 2012-2013. Presupuesto de obra Work budget: <500.000€. Superficie construida Built area: 298,00 m². Fotografía Photography: José Hevia
Suppliers list
Cerámica fachada, Pavimento porcelánico: La Comercial Ceramista Gaya Hermanos
Climatización: Refriclima
Mobiliario cocina: Cubic
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull
José Hevia