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L’Aldea, Tarragona

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Primary Health Care Centre in l’Aldea

Josep Camps Povill y Olga Felip Ordis, arquitectos

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The Rambla Catalunya is the union and growth hub of the town of l’Aldea. Parallel to it is the street where the Town Hall is located, as well as the station and various public spaces such as the Green Route, creating a second backbone of the area. Various paths cross this axis and lead to the Delta, one being calle Ligallo Carvallo. These paths or links are main routes for traffic and they give shape to the agricultural areas of the Ebro Delta.

The plot is located at the junction of one of the path-links and a new street which is a result of current urban development. Two narratives overlap this point: the tradition of rice farming and urban abstraction.

The entrance to the new Primary Health Care Centre is located in the interstitial space between these two elements. On one hand, part of the building with two different heights creates a closing wall, by way of the watchtowers which are common place in this area of the banks of the Ebro River. Here is where all of the main internal units and services are located, each differing in size and degree of privacy depending on the floor where they are located.

These two floors make up the entrance and façade of the building when approached from the town centre. Its vertical proportions, in the entrance zone, determine the scale of the building, despite its distance from the rest of the facilities located in this urban boundary of scattered buildings.

The other part of the building is made up of a single floor. It is a medical centre which houses the doctor’s offices, all the same in size and requirements. The patios within the centre create an intimate and private atmosphere, separate from the interstitial corridor which distributes each area. This lower area, horizontally proportioned, follows the path of calleLigallo which leads to the rice paddies.

The cladding of the façade is homogenous, and approached in the same way as the plot’s own cladding, as a wire fence, and made of the same material, aluminium, which reflects and tinges the interior light.

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Localización Location: calle Ligallo de Carvallo i calle H-23 de l’Aldea (polígono 12, parcela 33 a). Promotor Promotor: Servei Català de la Salut - GISA. Arquitectos Architects: CAMPS FELIP ARQUITECTURIA. Josep Camps Povill + Olga Felip Ordis. Colaboradores Collaborators: Mariel•la Agudo, Aitor Horta, Jaume Farrés, Irene Solà, Laura Haro y Bernat Llauradó. Joan Antoni Gonzalez Gou (Ingeniería). Constructora General Contractor: Construccions NESTOR SOLÉ S.L.. Año proyecto Project date: 2008. Ejecución Completion: 209-2012. Presupuesto de obra Work budget: 594.864,00€. Fotografía Photography: Jesus Arenas
Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis