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Gabba Hey music school

Tomás García Píriz y Javier Castellano Pulido, arquitectos

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Gabba, Gabba Hey!!!! This catchphrase kicked off almost all the gigs of one of the most famous rock n’roll bands in history, The Ramones. It was taken from the cult film Freaks (Monster Parade, 1928) and the phrase was carried out on a large sign to denote pride in marginality at a time, the American 1980s, characterised by major repressive cultural policies.
35 years after this entertaining and pioneering teaching experience a well-known group of musicians from the Granada scene decided to take this spirit to their own city, a city that since the 1960 has been noteworthy for the existence of an active musical culture. This fruitful breeding ground led to the creation of a music school that shied away from traditional parameters and invoked the urban underground culture associated with rock n’ roll.
The premises chosen, an old diagnosis clinic, featured the typical vertical and horizontal partitioning that concealed spacious premises filled with possibility. The demolition of layers and layers of plasterboard uncovered the full potential rawness of a place in which the entire process of the building works is left in view: from the marks of the machinery left on the surfaces of pillars, floors and walls to the remains of piping from recovered installations.
A very special space, the Gabba Hey Classroom, is built in the stark interior, separated from floor, walls and ceiling as an acoustic bunker capable of absorbing a broad spectrum of wavelengths (from the simplest to the always complex deep ones produced by the bass and drums). This concrete box, without a single join, literally vibrates on more than 400 springs, becoming a case for instruments but also for the musicians who play inside its warm, red-lined interior. The sinuous shape of the box succeeds in adapting to the irregular layout of the structure that was already there, while also reminding us of the famous sign that the Ramones paraded in their performances.
Around the main classroom the space becomes an extension of the street, letting light in through the back of the premises. A street for reception, passage, waiting, showcasing and resting. At the back, a curved hall sketches out a flexible space for the use of children, for presentations, conferences or improvised gigs.

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Localización Location: Calle Martín Ferrer, 12. Granada, España. Promotor Promotor: Niños Luchando S.L. Arquitectos Architects: CUAC arquitectura (Tomas García Píriz y Javier Castellano Pulido). Colaboradores Collaborators: Yu Bruno Masuda Rodriguez (Proyecto y Dirección de Obra) y Fernando Álvarez de Cienfuegos (diseño gráfico). Constructora General Contractor: DBA S.L. Ejecución Completion: 2014-2015. Superficie construida Built area: 146 m2. Presupuesto de obra Work budget: 37.000 €. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda
Javier Castellano
Tomás García Píriz
Fernando Alda Calvo