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en Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

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Umbraculum and garden for a children’s playground

Csaba Tarsoly y Eduardo Navadijos Martí, arquitectos

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The project addresses the renovation of the school playground, integrating a sloping 1,072-m2 plot and building an umbraculum conceived as a great, airy and fresh play lounge where colour collaborates in defining a stimulating and balanced atmosphere in the awareness of its importance in a child’s development.

By longitudinally developing the structure of the existing pavilion, the playground is redefined and the covered play area is increased. The umbraculum, devised as a succession of spaces, is nevertheless perceived as a single body. Complying with the byelaw that required a three-metre distance to be maintained from the south boundary allowed us to slightly curve the shape of the new pavilion.

The roof of the new pavilion is formed from a sequence of channel beams made from pleated sheet metal 3 mm thick, which overlap along the entire length of the roof every 50 cm. They are 9.10 m long and painted in a sky blue colour on the top and in white on the bottom so that, when blending the bluish reflection of sunlight into the blue sky, the open sensation of the roof would be greater. Thus, in addition to creating a pergola that brings the blue of the sky into the interior while keeping rainwater out, it is profusely ventilated and protected from sunlight.

The new pavilion rests like a great beam on nine supports, weightlessly floating above the ground. Setting a structural rhythm of 50 cm associated with the fixing systems of the acrylic panels, avoiding the use of diagonals and embedding the structure between two polycarbonate panels, a taut, lightweight membrane is created. In the points of structural tension the section of the steel tubes is increased to achieve the desired tone in each one, like the strings of a guitar. The graphics printed on the external panels create a vibration that extends to the entire façade, altering the immediate perception of the translucent material.

To facilitate visual control, the horizontal field of the playground is extended to the utmost. The play areas by age are defined by an abacus-fence that invites the children to play together without perceiving any barriers. A landscape of small robber hillocks and the various play units created especially for the project complete this recreational space.

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Localización Location: C/ Monte Romanillos s/n. Boadilla del Monte. Madrid. Promotor Promotor: Ciudad Infantil Mirabal S.L.. Arquitectos Architects: Navadijos Tarsoly Arquitectos (Csaba Tarsoly y Eduardo Navadijos). Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Apartec. Isidro Fernández Blanco. Colaboradores Collaborators: María Dolores Sánchez García. Constructora General Contractor: Acesinh producciones s.l. Año proyecto Project date: 2007. Ejecución Completion: 2008. Superficie construida Built area: 225 m2. Presupuesto de obra Work budget: 1.016.492,35€. Fotografía Photography: Miguel de Guzmán y Csaba Tarsoly
Miguel De Guzmán