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Camallera, Girona

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GG House

Sergi Serra Casals y Marta Adroer Puig, arquitectos

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In its defence of modern architecture, this project’s response to a setting that tends towards the picturesque results in a house with a powerful character standing on a concrete platform that appears to be placed on the site rather than rooted in it.
Five years ago there were few houses in La Lluena, an area in the vicinity of Camallera. Now, after having been developed and divided into plots for residential use, there are several. They come in highly diverse formats because when building in a rural environment such as this one there are two alternatives: those that seek to imitate the vernacular architecture and those that prefer to adopt a modern language. The architects were commissioned to build a single-storey house in La Lluena and clearly and decidedly chose to take the path of modernity.
The house was built for a couple whose intention was to give priority to indoor-outdoor relations. The project’s response finally consists of a rectangular ground plan, with closed spaces and perimeter spaces, the latter protected with dry-stone walls or wicker screens that envelop porches and patios. This way of handling the project for the house has two clear advantages; on one hand, it achieves greater thermal efficiency by modulating the sunlight; on the other, the possibility of eluding the restrictive byelaws that limit the surface area of the façade openings.
The house has been designed with the active participation of the owners throughout the process, jointly sharing the endeavours towards the final objective, which was none other than working in a sustainable way.
The building’s final layout consists of a formalisation of horizontal characteristics, south-facing and slightly elevated, with a simple volumetry. This shape, a rectangle with a roof sloping towards the interior in order to collect rainwater, surrounded by courtyards in the short sides and porches in the long sides, ensures good energy performance and a good relationship with the outdoor space, as well as a suitable control of the views.

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Localización Location: Zona Lluena, Camallera, Alt Empordà , Girona. Promotor Promotor: Rodrigo Gonzàlez Campuzano y Sarah Gasulla Alonso. Arquitectos Architects: Sergi Serra Casals & Marta Adroer Puig, arquitectes. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: N. Rius. Colaboradores Collaborators: C. Campanyà (estructura), Sisó (eng. assessora energía), F.Trèmols (estudiant arq.), E.Estrada (estudiant arq.), M. Colominas(Factors De Paisatge). Ejecución Completion: 2013-2014. Fotografía Photography: Lourdes Jansana
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Estructura: Estructuras Calonge
Construcciones en piedra; muros de piedra en seco y estructura tradicional: Lafeixapedraseca
Mimbre: Mimbre Arquitectura
Suelos: "Pavitron" de Pavindus
Lourdes Jansana