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MO House

Pablo Oriol y Fernando Rodríguez, arquitectos

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The apparent volumetric randomness of this architectural proposal has its theoretical and systematic reference in the application of a combinatory process that ultimately offers a certain range of solutions.

The MO house belongs to a family of projects undertaken by the architects in their studio which explore the generation of some degree of architectural complexity by combining simple spatial elements. The systematicity of this procedure allows control criteria to be established in processes with highly variable information on their programme, context or technology. The result is that the combination of these simple spatial elements produces an attractive spatial experience.

We came up with a new working tool: if we applied this system to other situations, the combinations were numberless. Based on specific parameters and adapting the pieces of the programme to their specific proportion, we restricted the number of combinations to come up with a range of solutions.

2010 was the year of the commission to design a family house in a pine grove on the outskirts of Madrid, and this gave rise to the opportunity of implementing the system that, while the requirements of the programme were conventional, met the complex geometry required by the project’s location.

The powerful presence of the trees and the wish to carry out a project for a house integrated into the forest led the authors to break up the programme and play with its various possibilities of relating to the different pieces, transferring the programme in a natural and simple way to a series of elementary pieces with a rectangular volumetry.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Palma. Arquitectos Architects: FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol ARCHITECTURE LANDSCAPE Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez. Colaboradores Collaborators: Pastora Cotero, Inés Olavarrieta, Cornelius Schmitz, Cristina Escuder. KLH, Alter Materia, Miguel Nevado (Consultants). Constructora General Contractor: Alter Materia, Grupo Singular. Año proyecto Project date: 2010 Ejecución Completion: 2012. Superficie construida Built area: 295m2. Fotografía Photography: Miguel de Guzmán (
Miguel De Guzmán