Family houses

Pedrezuela, Madrid

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Industrialised family house in Pedrezuela

Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil y Carlos Palacios, arquitectos

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This project gives us a guideline on how an architectural exercise is not at odds with an industrial process, in this case an industrialised construction system based on the dry-assembly of wooden panels.

The house is located on a sloping plot within the municipality of Pedrezuela, 45 km to the north of Madrid. It has scant vegetation in the part nearest the street, yet has vistas over a wide-ranging, natural, open and leafy landscape.
Seven structural wood modules with identical geometry are arranged around a central courtyard. Each one is specialised in different domestic functions according to the functional needs. The modular organisation and scale of the spaces allows this functional logic to be altered, operating as the basis for possible future layouts.
The house adapts to the terrain in a tiered manner according to the different degrees of privacy required: the private rooms are concealed from the street and accommodate to the terrain, propitiating direct contact with the plot. The public spaces of the house are nearest the street and gradually gain height until they rise above the landscape and look towards the horizon from the rest of the rooms. Small bridges operate as transition elements between the parts and calibrate the levels of privacy.
The whole is enclosed in a wooden envelope that shapes a ventilated enclosure on the exterior for the façade and the roof. The central courtyard appropriates part of the garden of the house. It has a lightweight enclosure that integrates the lighting on the façade, a species of lantern that envelops the courtyard and propitiates the conditions for enjoying this outdoor room.
The facades and roofs are two continuous ventilated systems. On one hand a wooden finish placed on the surfaces that are visible from outside the plot shapes a continuous and accessible enclosure in the façade openings. The wooden finish is obtained from recycling consignments of stocked wood. On the other, the internal façade of the courtyards is covered in a translucent polycarbonate system that integrates the lighting of the courtyards in the continuous façade plane, thus extending the enjoyment of these outdoor rooms.

The inside of the home displays the structural wood panels combined with neutral walls that capture and reflect a maximum of natural light in certain points while leaving others in a half-light. All the rooms take advantage of the transitions between the different materials to integrate the interior lighting, thus outlining the geometry of the spaces.

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Localización Location: C/Bonsuccés, Barcelona. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Isabel Rodríguez Hurtado. Arquitecto Architect: elii - Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architect: Samuel Escudero. Colaboradores Collaborators: Enrico Forestieri, Mecanismo S.L.(Estructuras), Nieves Plaza (Instalaciones). Constructor General contractor: Dionisio Torralba; Altermateria (Madera estructural). Año proyecto Project date: 2010. Ejecución Completion: 2011-2013. Superficie construida Built area: 210,90m2. Fotografía Photography: Miguel de Guzmán (
Uriel Fogué
Miguel De Guzmán