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Caldes de Malavella, Girona

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Sifera House

Josep Camps y Olga Felip, arquitectos

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A landscape of Mediterranean characteristics, dominated by the presence of holm oaks and pines, is the framework for a golf course in which a “pilot” house of pre-industrialised features has been built.

Caldes de Malavella golf course occupies a hilly terrain owing to water erosion in which the holes are situated in the lower parts and the houses on the higher parts, with vantage points overlooking each one of the course’s holes.
In this location the company Sifera, dedicated to building pre-industrialised houses, decided to build its pilot home as a way of showcasing its construction and finish standards as well as other features.
The house comprises a great porch situated in the upper part of the plot, where the best vistas and best access are to be found, intercalated with patios that modulate the atmospheric conditions and the degrees of privacy between indoors and outdoors. It is a simple scheme, with a strip of services as a backdrop to the main rooms situated above the vistas and with a good orientation. This strip of services is situated to the north to provide good thermal conditions, while providing privacy from the access street.
Three courtyards organise the functions of the house and its relationship with the surroundings. The first two, narrow, wooden, act as a filter between the more public parts of the garden, which abut the street, and the service strip. The vestibule crosses two patios and divides the house in two. Each one of them has been planted with different kinds of vegetation: aromatic plants in the patio giving on to the kitchen and shrubs in the area of bathrooms.
The third courtyard, in the centre of the house, divides the functional areas of the rooms and the living room. At the same time it is the point of inflection between the street and the vistas, between the more public exterior and the more intimate interior… it defines the limit between the point from which comes in via the access and the vestibule and where one looks (in this case the golf course) via a porch gallery and the swimming pool garden.
The house is slightly raised above the garden, furnishing and defining this schematic volume as a panoramic vantage point.

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Localización Location: Golf PGA. Caldes de Malavella, Girona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Josep Camps y Olga Felip ARQUITECTURIA. Colaboradores Collaborators: Mariel•la Agudo; Aitor Horta; Irene Solà, GMK Grup (Estructuras). Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Albert Serrats. Fotografía Photography: Pedro Pegenaute.
Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis
Pedro Pegenaute