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Begur, Girona. Spain

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Scaffold House in Begur

Ramón Bosch y Elisabet Capdeferro, arquitectos

FAD Award 2015  Architecture
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2015 FAD Award to Architecture and Interior Design. The Jury's appraisal:“We rated the tremendous improvement of integrating the existing construction into the privileged setting in which it stands. The limits between construction and nature are blurred by lightweight elements that support the vegetation while also increasing privacy, providing solar protection and improving the relationship between the indoor and outdoor space.”

This refurbishment project for a family house in Begur uses as its strategic arguments a series of operations of great subtlety that transform the house into a form of very wide porch open to the neighbouring landscape.

The project for Casa Andamio (Scaffold House) consists of refurbishing a family house built over several phases since the nineteen-fifties in the incomparable setting of the Sa Riera cove in Begur, Girona. Aside from the repairs of multiple disrepairs in the existing construction owing to the precarious nature of some of the constructional solutions and their exposure to the marine environment, the intervention proposed to strengthen the relationship between the house and its surroundings.

The interior layout was remodelled as well as all the openings, superposing on the built volume a lightweight, configurable element capable of softening the relationship between the existing building and the privileged enclave in which it stands, bringing the presence of the sea and the enveloping nature indoors while questioning the limits of the material façade as a constructional element, proposing an ambiguous filter as the only enclosure.

The different densities of the new surface, manually stitched into place by using rope as the basic material, regulates the different degrees of connection between the interior domestic and intimate spaces and the busy public space of the beach. Its function as stakes for the vegetation, which consists of local climbing species, should allow the new green wall to gradually blur the limits of the construction, harmoniously adapting it to its more immediate surroundings. The crossed ventilation in the house, ensured by opening up a new courtyard on the southern limit of the property, together with the obstruction of sunlight and the capturing of the sea breeze provided by the new filter, represent an efficient passive system that substantially modifies the dwelling’s energy performance.

The chosen materials also seek to establish a line of continuity with the local building tradition. In this regard, ceramics play a crucial role: glazed pieces have been used, produced in the nearby town of La Bisbal, which are historically present in coastal constructions here and which define the character and image of its villages. Common pieces are also used, plus lattices as a cladding material and filter in façade openings, but also as a basic material for the construction of the furniture or as an element to integrate the embedded lights, both indoors and on the outside of the house. The glazed ceramic finish and the irregularity of its manual fabrication, produce a particular vibration of the light, giving the space a solar warmth.

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Localización Location: Sa Riera (Begur), Girona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: bosch.capdeferro arquitectures. Ramon Bosch Pagès y Elisabet Capdeferro Pla. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Xavier de Bolós i Prat. Colaboradores Collaborators: Joan Anglada Ruiz y Raül Elias Bramon (redacción de proyecto), Cristina Güell Agut y Arnau Arboix Sala (maquetas), Blázquez Guanter SLP (estructuras), Enginyeria d’Instal•lacions Font i Armengol SL (instalaciones), Josep Capdeferro i Maureta (coordinador de obra), Josep Casas i Corominas (coordinador de obra). Año proyecto Project date: 2013. Ejecución Completion: 2014. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia
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Celosias y baldosas cerámicas vidriadas: Cerámica Ferrés

Mobiliario: B&B
Bet Capdeferro
Sant Joan Les Fonts, Girona
José Hevia